Charlie Sheen and Other Celebrities Dumped Via Text Message

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Carrie Underwood gets her acting card!

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Carrie Underwood gets her acting card!

Charlie Sheen is no longer "winning" when it comes to having a gaggle of goddesses watching over him. Blonde beauty Bree Olson evidently decided that three's a crowd, unceremoniously dumping Charlie via text message. But at least Sheen wasn't too proud to admit that he got broken up with -- he actually announced that she dumped him during his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour. And Charlie isn't alone when it comes to getting text torpedoes of truth -- quite a few celebrities have learned that their relationships were over the same way. Here's a look back at a few other victims of this technological age:

Kim Kardashian

Last year Reggie Bush reportedly dumped Kim while she was in Miami via a series of text messages, basically using the old "it's not you, it's me" line. But now the stunning reality star seems to be doing better than ever with new basketball player beau Kris Humphries, and she might even move to New York to be closer to him (it would really make sense if she does another season of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York"). So will we see a "Kim & Kris" show a la "Khloe & Lamar" in the future? Well, friends are saying that they foresee an engagement in the stars for the star couple, so it looks like the empire of the Kardashian clan might continue to expand.

Kevin Federline

The moment K-Fed received a text from Britney Spears telling him that she wanted a divorce was actually caught on camera by a MuchMusic camera crew in 2006. The former backup dancer was visibly shaken and had to stop the interview for a good half hour before continuing (however, he couldn't have been that surprised since he was reportedly looking into a divorce himself). But now it looks like things turned out for the best -- K-Fed is about to have his fifth child with new girlfriend Victoria Prince (it will be her first), and comeback queen Britney has teased that marriage might be in the future for her and her boyfriend of two years, Jason Trawick.

Simon Cowell

Simon was actually interviewed by his ex, TV entertainment correspondent Terri Seymour. In a rather bizarre moment, they talked about their breakup, with Terri alleging that she didn't dump Cowell. However, he reminded her that she did indeed break up with him via text message. Now Simon is engaged to make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy, and he best beware -- after promising that the pair would have multiple weddings last year, he has now decided to put off their marriage plans to focus on the American version of "The X-Factor." So now that it looks like he might have his fellow judges ready to go in Paula Abdul, Cheryl Cole, and Antonio "L.A." Reid, can Hussainy breathe a sigh of relief, or will Simon stay married to his work? Hopefully the girl hangs in there -- it sounds like Simon might do his darndest to upstage the royal wedding with his nuptials (but if Simon stays too busy, she might be forced to call off their wedding plans via text).

Ashley Cole

Simon's fellow "The X-Factor" judge Cheryl also reportedly dumped her soccer star hubby via text, despite his offers of attending sex rehab in an effort to try to save their marriage. These days she's rumored to be dating "Dancing with the Stars" performer Derek Hough, even recently sending a basket of gifts to his newborn nephew. So would the pop tart like to pop out a few kids of her own with Derek, or are they just friends? No word on if she's ready for that just yet, but once she starts working on the U.S. version of "the X-Factor," tabloids and the paparazzi will do their best to answer this burning question.

Jessica Simpson

"The Voice" judge Adam Levine reportedly dumped Jessica via text message with these short and ouch-tastic lines: "Really busy. Need Space." But it's doubtful that Simpson thinks about being dumped by Levine in such a painful way these days -- now she's too busy designing her own wedding dress for her upcoming marriage to Eric Johnson.

Chace Crawford and Carrie Underwood

Carrie didn't reveal whether she or Chace did the breaking up via text, choosing to take the more diplomatic route by calling their split a mutual decision with no hard feelings involved. Now the country crooner is enjoying married life, despite the fact that her hockey hubby is a borderline hoarder. Meanwhile, Chace seems to be enjoying the bachelor lifestyle, while his beauty queen sister Candice is about to walk down the aisle with a famous face, Simpson's ex Tony Romo.

Jennifer Aniston

John Mayer was another cute crooner that dumped a big female celebrity via text. Despite spending 20 minutes talking to Jen on the phone, he allegedly chickened out and broke up with her after hanging up with his own short and not-so-sweet text: "That's it - the end." He and Jen later made amends, and she got sweet revenge in 2009 when she became the one doing the dumping. But poor Aniston just can't avoid negativity in her love life, with the latest rumor being that Bradley Cooper doesn't want to date her (however, it's doubtful that the sexy single lady will die a spinster, so everyone should quit worrying about Jen!).

So Charlie isn't alone when it comes to being dumped with a little help from technology, but perhaps having tiger blood and Adonis DNA will help him handle it better than some of the other celebrities that have experienced it.

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