Charlie Sheen as the Next 'American Idol' Judge - Great Idea or the Worst Idea Ever?

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"American Idol" is once again facing a judging shake-up. For years the trio of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul would either praise or criticize young people trying to make their big break happen in front of millions of TV viewers. Then in 2010 Paula left the judges' table, and Simon soon followed suit. But the folks at "Idol" managed to pull off somewhat of a coup when they hired on Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler and actress-singer Jennifer Lopez to fill the vacancies.

With last week's announcement that Tyler and J.Lo are both out for the next season, the scramble is once again on to find someone to sit in judgment over singing performances and to exchange witty banter with show host Ryan Seacrest. That search took a turn for the weird when producer Nigel Lythgoe told Seacrest on his radio show that "Anger Management" star and notorious loose cannon Charlie Sheen could potentially be a judge next season.

Sheen addressed it on "The Tonight Show" when he told host Jay Leno, "It seems so out of the blue that it almost made perfect sense. I'm genuinely interested. It's so different, it could be radical." Sheen also told Leno that he'd like there to be a charity involved if he signs on, presumably to donate some or all of his paycheck to. So is Sheen as Idol Judge a great idea, or the worst idea ever?

It's a Great Idea! - Sheen is unpredictable. He's been through the wringer and come out relatively unscathed and still "winning." It's also abundantly clear that this show may be just about on its last legs, so why not try to give it a solid ratings kick in the pants and put someone on the judging panel who will spark interest not just from hardcore fans of the show, but from the casual viewer as well? Also, if Sheen is serious about a charity being involved in some way, it's never a bad thing to help out those in need.

It's The Worst Idea Ever! - As affable a guy as Sheen is, this idea makes almost no sense at all. Charlie's background is as an actor. At least in Lopez' case she'd had multiple hits on the charts as a singer, and in fact some consider her a singer first. Charlie's frame of reference for judging singing talent isn't very clear, and if Lythgoe wants his ailing show to pick up some steam he needs to get bonafide musical talent into those judges' seats, otherwise, it could be curtains for the groundbreaking reality competition show.

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