How Charlie Sheen Almost Got to Play Spider-Man

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How Charlie Sheen Almost Got to Play Spider-Man

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How Charlie Sheen Almost Got to Play Spider-Man

Charlie Sheen is used to being followed by photographers, but he almost became one as the fictional comic book hero Peter Parker.

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Charlie made this admission during an interview with Jay Mohr on the latest episode of the comedian's podcast, Mohr Stories.

"I had an office at Orion at the time, and I brought them Spider-Man," Charlie said. "I said, 'Look, in a couple of years, I'll be too old to play Peter Parker.' And they said, 'Yeah, we're just thinking that cartoons are not the future, comic books are not the future.' And I said, 'But it's Spider-Man, I'm perfect.' And they were like, 'Nah, we're gonna wait.' ... They didn't know shit."

In defense of the now-defunct production company, comic book movies didn't really become popular until Tim Burton's Batman film in 1989. Prior to that, the biggest superhero movies were Christopher Reeve's Superman series.

Interestingly, Charlie's dad, Martin, played Uncle Ben opposite Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man, which opened in July.

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