Channing Tatum Shows Off in 'Magic Mike' - Plus Hollywood's Best Dancers

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Movie and television fans seem infatuated with the dance skills of their favorite stars as evidenced by the reality TV show, "Dancing with the Stars." However, with all the wannabe dancers parading onto that show, there are some truly talented people in Hollywood with some major dance moves.

One of those stars is Channing Tatum, who appears in the male stripper movie, "Magic Mike." Tatum was a male review dancer before his career as an actor and actually broke out in the dance movie, "Step Up," in 2006. While the whole world will get to see Tatum shaking his stuff in "Magic Mike," he is not the only man in Hollywood who can dance.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not really known for hoofing it, he has proven to be a great dancer when given the chance. Levitt started his career as a television star on "3rd Rock from the Sun" before the independent films "Brick" and "(500) Days of Summer" allowed him to start to build a very successful Hollywood career.

It was through the DVD release of "(500) Days of Summer" that the world saw how talented of a dancer Levitt really was. Marc Webb, the director of that movie, shot a creative music video that he included in the extra features on the DVD. The video featured Levitt and co-star Zooey Deschanel dancing around a bank to the song by Deschanel's band, She & Him's "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"

It was a very impressive performance for the future "Dark Knight Rises" star.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is arguably, one of the finest dancers in Hollywood. The "How I Met Your Mother" funnyman normally dances for amusement, whether it is while he is hosting the Tony Awards or even on his sitcom in a special musical episode. Whenever Harris gets the itch to start dancing, fun things are in store for the audience.

Harris even appeared as a judge on "So You Think You Can Dance" where he originally announced the dance routine for his TV show, which he said was choreographed by one of the "So You Think You Can Dance" stars. The dance was not an easy one for the star to learn.

"There's [a small amount of] hip-hop moves in it and I feel like the dumbest person in the world," Harris said. "Like, two left feet, limbs, arms, I can't make my upper body move with my lower, so I'm a sucker for the hip-hop now."

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