Are Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill Ready For A '21 Jump Street' Sequel?

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Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in a screen from '21 Jump Street' -- Sony Pictures

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Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in a screen from '21 Jump Street' -- Sony Pictures

"21 Jump Street" hasn't even hit theaters yet, but the stars of the big screen reimagining are already ready for more.

"It's up to the audience. If they go see it and it makes a bunch of money, then we would be the first people that would want to do it," Jonah Hill told Access Hollywood at the movie's junket when asked about a possible sequel.

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"I would die to do it," Channing Tatum said. "We've had so much fun."

If a sequel for the action comedy does happen, don't expect it to be called "22 Jump Street."

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"I doubt that's what it would be called," Jonah said of the movie, which he describes as "Bad Boys" meets a John Hughes movie.

Jonah also told Access that he only saw his co-star lose it once during filming - when the film's producers told him he couldn't risk his life by performing his own stunts.

"That was the only time I saw Channing upset - ever - was when we wouldn't let him get hit by a car," Jonah said with a laugh.

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"We used to actually do that stuff," Channing said of the stunts used in the movie, inspired by his own past experiences. "They were doing it wrong in the movie... That was my whole gag."

"21 Jump Street" hits theaters on March 16.

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