Celebs with Exes Now Attending the Grammys with Someone Else

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Celebs with Exes Now Attending the Grammys with Someone Else

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(Heidi Klum)

Sexy couples are a must at any red carpet event. The 55th Annual Grammy Awards is no exception. Expect to see loving, gorgeous couples like Fergie and Josh Duhamel, Beyonce and Jay-Z, and Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher. These lucky duos are all still together. Other celebrity couples aren't so lucky this year. Some popular red carpet couples are now exes. Will they show up with someone new or go solo?


All eyes will be waiting and watching for some not-so-secret hand holding between Chris Brown and Rihanna. The on again, off again, "couple of controversy" are expected to make an official appearance together at the Grammys. Rihanna will be performing. Brown wants to join her on stage.

Katy Perry

The spastic pairing of Katy Perry and love him/hate him Russell Brand was never meant to last. They both burn too bright wild. It was all bound to fizzle. The wild red carpet ride of the Grammys won't be the same without them. Perry will still shock and intrigue with a new persona and clothes to match. Maybe she'll show up with the only singer who's had more eight-minute dates than Taylor Swift, John Mayer.

Jennifer Lopez

Oh, JLo, you are to divorce what Swift is to dating. Marc Anthony won't be at your side at the Grammys this year. Neither will P. Diddy. It's easy to forget they were together for the 42nd Grammy Awards ceremony on February 23, 2000, and not because he didn't look great in his white suit. He did. It's also not because the pair didn't look great together. Diddy had to play second fiddle to JLo's real date to the Grammys, her plunging Versace dress. That dress probably still gives daydreams to Simon Cowell (there'll be more on the "American Idol" guy later). She can always put Casper Smart in this year's white suit.

Heidi Klum

Always the model, ready for any red carpet walk, Heidi Klum will not be posing with ex Seal at this year's Grammys. The couple always struck an affectionate pose for the cameras for red carpet photographers, so it's hard to imagine a red carpet awards ceremony without them. Will the "Project Runway" host go solo for the photo op or show up with boyfriend/bodyguard Martin Kirsten? Look closely, he'll be lurking somewhere in the background.

Carmen Electra

Don't expect to see bad boy Dave Navarro with ex Carmen Electra at the Grammys. Electra has settled for a different kind of bad boy. Simon Cowell, isn't exactly a bad boy in his white T-shirts, but he does like to keep plenty of fans guessing about his love life with several women on his arm at once. Simon Cowell better be good to Ms. Electra because it isn't likely that he'll get anyone sexier to pose with on the red carpet and then take him home.

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