Celebrity Wedding Crashers: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and More Stars Who Made Surprise Ceremony Appearances

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Celebrity Wedding Crashers: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and More Stars Who Made Surprise Ceremony Appearances

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Taylor Swift in March 2012.

Looks like singer Taylor Swift may have hit a sour note with the Kennedy clan!

Last week, the 22-year-old songstress made headlines for allegedly crashing a wedding with boyfriend Conor Kennedy (18). According to sources, she and her current leading man - whom she's been dating for a month and a half - made an uninvited appearance at the wedding of Kyle Kennedy and Liam Kerry.

According to Victoria Gifford Kennedy, mother of the bride, Conor contacted her an hour before the wedding to ask if the pair could attend. Concerned that Taylor's presence would distract attention from the bride and groom, Victoria replied "This is my daughter's day and I would appreciate it if you would not come." The couple then showed up anyway.

Kathy Lee Gifford, the bride's grandmother by marriage, confirmed that Swift was "twice" asked to leave the wedding. "I was there," said Gifford on her Thursday show. "Vicki's account is accurate." The "Today" host added that she saw Swift "in the hallway, waiting around" but that she "didn't know there was any drama going on at the time."

Gifford did concede that Taylor may not have realized she wasn't invited, and Swift's rep insisted that "Taylor was invited to the wedding and the bride thanked her profusely for being there." At any rate, whether because of Swift's presence or because of the family's complaints, the wedding has now gotten an insane amount of attention and not because of the bride and groom.

While some would suggest that Taylor is in need of a swift kick in the butt for her behavior, she's hardly the first celeb to make a surprise appearance at a wedding. Here's a look at some other stars who have crashed the weddings of mere mortals.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Last July, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez crashed a wedding in Malibu, California. According to a guest, Justin said he and Selena were driving by and heard one of his songs playing at the reception. A YouTube video shows Selena standing quietly while Justin - dressed in a T-shirt and jeans - posed for pictures with the newlyweds and their screaming guests.

Bill Clinton

In June, President Bill Clinton crashed the wedding of Minnesota couple who were tying the knot in Ireland. Clinton was staying in the Cork, Ireland, hotel where the wedding reception was taking place. After introducing himself to the couple, the 66-year-old chatted and then posed for pictures. The groom called his unexpected meeting with Clinton "a memory that will last us forever."

Queen Elizabeth

Earlier this year, Queen Elizabeth made a surprise appearance at a wedding in Manchester, England. The groom heard that the Queen and Prince Philip were going to be in town on his wedding day, so he sent an invitation to the palace. Though the request was politely declined, palace officials made secret arrangements for the Queen to stop by. The couple called the monarch's visit - which was technically not a crash - "the icing on the cake."

LeBron James

On June 23, Miami Heat star LeBron James surprised a bride and groom at the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove. James was at the hotel for an interview with Sports Illustrated, and he kindly agreed to pose for pictures with the newlyweds and their guests. The bride said meeting the 6'8" basketball player - who was head and shoulders taller than the couple - was "really unexpected and exciting."

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