Celebrity Twitter Scandals and Battles: From Courtney Love to Amanda Bynes

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Celebrity Twitter Scandals and Battles: From Courtney Love to Amanda Bynes

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Clockwise from top left: Courtney Love, Madonna, Amanda Bynes, 50 Cent

Twitter has made the dissemination of information easier and more convenient but sometimes the immediacy of an audience can backfire. While many celebrities have put their foot in their mouths during interviews, the advent of Twitter has allowed them to do it anytime and from anywhere in the world. Just ask Congressman Anthony Weiner about his career-damaging wiener tweet and Ashton Kutcher about his misinformed tweet on Penn State football coach Joe Paterno's dismissal. Whatever you do, don't ask Scott Baio and his wife about their bizarre Twitter paroxysm of rage over web magazine Jezebel. Trust us.

Love Gone Wild

Top honors for the most recent off-the-wall tweets go to Courtney Love. Although, this is not the first instance of Love behaving oddly, this time it included outrageous accusations against Foo Fighters' frontman, Dave Grohl . Love tweeted on her private account that she believes Grohl made inappropriate advances toward her 19-year-old daughter, Francis Bean Cobain, who she lost guardianship of in 2009.

Francis Bean's father is Kurt Cobain, Grohl's former Nirvana bandmate, who took his own life in 1994. Gawker reported Love wrote a string of tweets which ended with her calling Grohl a "gross old man macking on kurt cobains only child." Cobain responded, "Twitter should ban my mother." Love's last Twitter scandal ended with a defamation lawsuit in which she paid $430,000 to fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir for accusing her of being a prostitute and drug dealer.

Bynes' Bad Decisions

Amanda Bynes' seemingly successful segue from Nickelodeon child star to adult actress did not prevent her from making several Twitter foibles back in 2010. June 19th obviously held some bad social media mojo for the then 24-year-old when she announced, "I don't love acting anymore so I've stopped doing it." Her jumbled mass of tweets included her preferences to liking "black men" and disliking "perverted dudes." Bynes has since reconsidered her retirement but the recently pink-haired "Easy A" actress was arrested on April 6, 2012 for a DUI after hitting a patrol car.

50 Cent Gaffe Happy

Rapper 50 Cent beats even John Mayer in the tweet gaffes department. Mayer wisely shut down his account after the backlash to his imprudent posts. One can only hope 50 will find similar enlightenment. In one of his most notorious tweets (of which there have been many) Chelsea Handler's former flame wrote, "Speaking of MILF. I wanna do something that impact kids in a positive way, that's why im opening an abortion clinic. Ima call it 50/50 chance." The rapper's brain to electronic device censor must be faulty, as proven by posts targeting critics, like blogger Perez Hilton, Jay-Z and Beyonce's baby, Blue Ivy Carter, and his boastful revelations regarding his riches.

Madonna Verbally Flogged

There is also the instance when Twitter trouble seems to find certain people. Madonna made a one day appearance on the site in late March to promote her album "MDNA" and connect with fans but conflict came knocking. First Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a. Deadmau5, called out the 58-year-old for her reference to "Molly," a name used for the drug ecstasy, during a recent show. Then Piers Morgan, one of the pop diva's most vocal critics, came on to reiterate his stance on the Material Girl's ban from his CNN program. Her manager replied with a picture showing an invitation for Madonna to appear on Morgan's other chat show in the UK. Still, Madge's Twitter critics pale in comparison to the death threats Beliebers doled out to Selena Gomez for daring to date teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

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