Celebrity Twins: Boy/Girl Pairs like Peyton Manning's New Bundles of Joy

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Peyton Manning's wife Ashley gave birth to twins on March 31 -- a daughter named Mosley Thompson Manning and a son named Marshall Williams Manning. But Peyton isn't the first celebrity to welcome a boy/girl twin pair to the world.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt added a little more of their own DNA to their big brood of multicultural kids on July 12, 2008 when Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt and Knox Leon were born in Nice, France. The two adorable toddlers look extremely similar to older biological sister Shiloh, while their adopted siblings Maddox, Pax, and Zahara represent cultures from around the world.

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder welcomed daughter Hazel Patricia Moder and son Phinnaeus Walter Moder on November 28, 2004, but her twins look very different from one another -- Finn is a redhead, while Hazel's hair is platinum blonde. Julia explains her son's unusual name by saying that her husband wanted to name him Finn, but she stretched out his proper name because it sounded too much like a nickname to her. His little brother with a more plain-sounding name, Henry Daniel Moder, joined the family in 2007.

Al Pacino welcomed his twins at the ripe ol' age of 60 with a little help from their mother, actress Beverly D'Angelo. At age 49, she was no spring chicken herself when Anton and Olivia Pacino were born on January 25, 2001. Sadly, Pacino and D'Angelo's relationship wouldn't last, but at least it produced some adorable Al lookalikes. The two have a much older half-sister in Pacino's daughter Julie (she was born way back in 1989).

Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly's twins Zoe Grace and Thomas Boone were born via surrogate on November 8, 2007. The babies went through a horrible health scare not long after their birth when they were mistakenly given 1,000 times the common dosage of a blood thinner, but now they're happy, healthy kids -- Dennis says Thomas will play college football someday, while Zoe will rule the world. They have an older half-brother named Jack, Quaid's son with actress Meg Ryan.

Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and her Latin crooner hubby Marc Anthony welcomed Emme Anthony and Max Anthony on February 22, 2008. The curly-haired cuties definitely have got the talent gene going for them, and Jennifer has said that Emme is already becoming quite the little fashionista (watch out, Suri!).

Fellow musician Mariah Carey is also set to welcome a twin boy and girl into the world very soon. She recently celebrated the fact that her belly looks ready to burst any day now by showing it off on the cover of "Life & Style" with an artistic nude photo.

So with Peyton and Mariah's twins of 2011 joining these past pairs, it looks like the celebrity baby boom just became double the trouble!

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