Celebrity Reactions to Geraldo Rivera’s Controversial Comments and Apology

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Talk show host and political commentator Geraldo Rivera is no stranger to speaking his mind, however his comments regarding the shooting of Trayvon Martin has caused a firestorm that not even he could have prepared for. Rivera has issued an apology via an email to Politico, stating "I apologize to anyone offended by what one prominent black conservative called my 'very practical and potentially life-saving campaign urging black and Hispanic parents not to let their children go around wearing hoodies.'"

Despite his intentions, the commentator's apology has also been met with skepticism. Here is a look at some notable tweets about both the "Hoodie" remark and the apology.

"Geraldo Its shocking.. your comments.. and your excuse/ apology is bulls--t. http://bit.ly/HcoFtk" - Music Producer/Businessman Russell Simmons, also providing a link to his own personal commentary.

"So @GeraldoRivera has now jumped a picture OF the shark he jumped in 1987: The non-apology hoodie apology."- Political Commentator Keith Olbermann

"Dear Geraldo Rivera: I'll use small words so you can follow me, okay? Hoodies don't kill people. Paranoid racists with guns kill people." - Actor Wil Wheaton

"I'm soooo glad @geraldorivera exists 2 teach me how 2 protect my son. What's next Geraldo?? Bleaching cream? Use your platform better. #fail" - Actress Holly Robinson Peete

"geraldo rivera is an idiot. trayvon martin was killed by a racist murderer. i enjoy a hoodie and people feel safe because i am white" - Red Hot Chili Pepper Bassist Flea

"Geraldo, are you serious or just looking for attention ? Either way, shame!! LLAP" - Actor Leonard Nimoy

"Checking with Geraldo what's safe for me to wear tonight. Leather Jacket, baseball hat, contact lenses. Am I asking for it?" - Actor/Comedian Garry Shandling

"Need a hoodie emoji to properly get at geraldo." - Muscian Pete Wentz

"Geraldo blamed it on the hoodie! My how times have changed I remember when black ppl were the ones afraid of ppl wearing hoods! #TeamDl" - Actor/Comedian DL Hughley

Do you think Rivera was sincere?

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