Celebrity Odd Couple Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen Make Waves at New York Fashion Week

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Woody Allen

Looking more shabby than chic, Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan made news at this year's New York Fashion Week after the two were snapped in a photo with the director's wife at the amfAR Gala hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker.

In the widely published picture, the "Mean Girls" star stands betwixt Woody and his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, each of whom has more of a trapped animal look than that of fawning fan.

Both the "Midnight in Paris" director and former child star Lohan are controversial figures whose spontaneous chat amidst the chichi crowd's version of chips and cheese balls created a flurry of media chatter.

Though much of the talk about Lohan at this fund raiser for AIDS research concerned her hideous hair and outfit and how much she had aged (some suggested the 25-year-old looked more like Dina's sister than Ali's), the surreal scene of the has-been actress schmoozing with the still-hot director had tongues wagging more rapidly than a mutt's tail.

Describing the chance encounter, a blogger for The Hollywood Reporter wrote, "It seems Lohan arrived late and did her usual lap to scope out the place. Then she made a beeline for a familiar face, none other than gala-regular Allen and his wife Soon-Yi. The flashbulbs lit up and headlines were made."

The THR writer cracked she hoped the director does not make the tabloid favorite his "new muse." The reference was to Scarlett Johanson, Diane Keaton and other actresses whom Allen repeatedly cast in his offbeat films.

To date, the "Parent Trap" actress has not had a Freudian relationship -- film- or otherwise -- with the man who married his long-time romantic partner Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, a Korean native 35 years his junior. According to the Oracle of Kevin Bacon, the link number between Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen is two. (Lohan starred in "Just My Luck" with Ray Garvey who appeared in the Woody Allen Film "Small Time Crooks.")

Given the public's ambivalence about both scandal-riddled celebrities, it is possible the two could form a psychic bond, although Lindsay's life of revolving door rehabs and Woody's allegedly incestuous wife situation (the couple claim they never had a father-daughter relationship) have little in common.

It could take the magic of the 76-year-old cinematic genius, who at 76 is up for yet another Oscar this year, to reboot the "Freaky Friday" star's crashed acting career. While he's at it, Allen could make it a whole-family affair with the dysfunctional clan of Michael and Dina Lohan making the writer-director's typical neurotic film family seem relatively normal in comparison.

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