Celebrity Nude Photo Scandals of 2011

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This year celeb skin was definitely in - there were quite a few major nude photo scandals that rocked the web. Some photos were faked and some were simply stupid mistakes, but they were all quite shocking. Here's a look back at which celebrities were a little overexposed in 2011:

Pippa Middleton

When topless pics of Kate Middleton's sister leaked on the web, they proved to be a royal pain for the royal family. However, it seems that the photos that show the duchess' sister sunbathing topless did nothing more than pique the public's interest in Pippa.a

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett bravely fessed up to posing in the buff - instead of denying that her leaked nude photos were the real deal, she joked to Vanity Fair that she "knows all her best angles" and revealed that the personal pics were meant for her ex-hubby's eyes only. By talking about her photos, the actress made them seem a little less scandalous, but the next blonde bombshell on this list tried a different tactic.

Blake Lively

Apparently Ryan Reynolds loves himself some sexting! His new ladylove had lewd nudes of her own leak this year, but her rep was quick to deny that Blake was the babe posing in them. Even though the girl in the photos looked exactly like the actress, she never admitted that they were hers, and who they were meant for is still a mystery (is that how she snagged Leonardo DiCaprio?).

Renee Olstead

This star of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" had some of the most explicit nude photos leaked this year after she fell victim to the same hacker as Scarlett. Put it this way - the behavior portrayed in her pics definitely couldn't have been the subject of one of the secrets on her ABC Family show.

Vanessa Hudgens

The same hacker also decided to leak a new batch of nude photos of this "High School Musical" star earlier this year. The photos leaked right before the release of her movie "Sucker Punch," so at least Vanessa got some free publicity out of the rather raw deal.

Zac Efron

That's right - her ex had to deal with a nude photo scandal of his own when a blush-inducing pic started getting passed around on the web. However, some savvy web sleuths soon proved that it was probably just the work of some freak with Photoshop and too much time on their hands.

Taylor Swift

This pristine country princess certainly doesn't seem like the type to have fun by snapping suggestive photos of herself, so it was rather shocking when a pic purporting to show Taylor topless surfaced on the web. However, the sinless singer was quick to sic her legal team on the site that posted the photo, and in this case it seems that Taylor was the victim of an impersonator.

Selena Gomez

This squeaky-clean star had to deal with a similar scandal - earlier this year her rep responded to a fake topless photo of the Disney actress with a legal threat (hopefully Selena and Justin Bieber have learned their lesson about the dangers of sexting after what Zac and Vanessa went through).


This rapper used the same claim Vanessa has used in the past to get her nude photos removed from websites - she stated she was underage in the nude photos that were leaked when someone hacked into her Twitter account. She even threatened to quit the music biz because she was so upset about the ordeal, a thought that probably never crossed the mind of the next musician on this list.

Chris Brown

After the backlash from what went down with Rihanna, it's unlikely anything short of being convicted of murder will kill this R&B star's career. So when Chris' nude photo leaked on the web, he just blamed it on a "reckless" girl and moved on.

Amber Rose

Kanye West's ex got involved in a bigger scandal when her very explicit nude photos leaked, namely because there were claims that Amber was sending the photos to Nicki Minaj's man. Of course the video vixen vehemently denied these reports.

So which celebrity do you think had the biggest nude photo scandal of the year? And is it worse when celebs have to deal with real nude photos or fakes? Sound off in the comments!

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