Celebrity Lawsuits: 4 Celebs' Recent Court Battles

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Katie Holmes sued Star Magazine.

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Katie Holmes sued Star Magazine.

When you're a celebrity, you absolutely need two things: a good agent and a good lawyer.

Some celebs find this out the hard way, either when they're fighting libel, preserving their image or defending themselves from expensive cash-grabs. Here are four celebrities who have kept their attorneys on speed-dial for the last few months.

Katie Holmes - Katie sued The Star Magazine for a story about her supposed drug use and addiction. There was one big problem with the story: it wasn't the slightest bit true, so the magazine quickly relented.

Both Holmes and the magazine had some classy moves during the settlement. The Star apologized with a front page headline and made a charitable donation in Katie's name for the settlement. Holmes graciously accepted the tabloid's apology.

P. Diddy - The man of a dozen-or-so names made headlines in 1999 when his protegee was involved in a shooting at a New York club. While Diddy wasn't charged with anything criminal, the victims of the shooting sued him.

Diddy ended up settling for an unspecified amount, which is protected by a confidentiality agreement. However, the former owner of the club has no such agreement, and according to him, Diddy paid $1.8 million to one victim, $50,000 to another and $500,000 to the third. The different amounts reflected the extent of each victim's injuries from the shooting.

Linsay Lohan - Lohan's got a seemingly unending string of personal and legal problems. She can't even go to rehab without ending up in court.

The actress was sued for $1 million and medical expenses for an alleged assault which resulted in "significant injury" to Betty Ford Center employee Dawn Bradley's wrist. Bradley didn't file any criminal charges.

Lohan also served 35 days of house arrest this summer for stealing a gold bracelet. She's had a tough year, and by the looks of this lawsuit, her legal issues aren't going to end anytime soon.

Garth Brooks - Brooks is still a huge name in country music, despite his semi-retirement. In an interview with Access Hollywood, he opened up about a lawsuit he has filed against an Oklahoma hospital. Brooks reportedly gave the hospital $500,000 , part of which was to go toward a building bearing his mother's name during the hospital's expansion. The hospital never built the building, however, which Brooks believes was a breach of contract.

"It's a heartache and hopefully it will be over soon," said Brooks. "This is probably the most uncomfortable I've ever felt."

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