Celebrity Lawsuit News: Katy Perry, Shakira and More

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Celebrity Lawsuit News: Katy Perry, Shakira and More

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Pop star Katy Perry got in a hairy mess when her agent threatened to file suit against Jemella Group, the company behind British hair care company "ghd" (good hair day) hired the raven-haired beauty to promote its products. The Perry camp claims that she is owed $2 million buckaroos because of an "oral agreement" to extend her $4.5 million contract, but Jemella asked a court to block Perry from filing a lawsuit, denying any such agreement and putting forth this reason for not renewing her contract: she's not that hot in Europe anymore. A rep for the pop star told TMZ that the statement was "defamatory" and a shameful attempt to embarrass Perry. Wouldn't it be more embarrassing if they can prove the statement is true in court?

Colombian pop diva Shakira spent 11 years in a relationship with Antonio de la Rúa, the son of the former president of Argentina. How much time she'll spend entangled in the $250 million dollar lawsuit de la Rúa has brought depends upon the court's response to her motion to dismiss. Her ex claims that he is owed this magnificent sum of money as compensation for his inspiration and assistance with Shakira's career, and that he was a particular asset in connection with two of Shakira's biggest hits: "Hips Don't Lie" and "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)." Disparates, says Shakira. She was already a well-established singer before de la Rúa came into her orbit and he needs to get a handle on who helped whom.

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's "Skyhook Foundation" charity is the subject of a new lawsuit by a company called Julien's Auctions, which claims the charitable organization is just a front to line the pockets of the foundation's board members. Julien's beefs that they contributed $300,000 to the charity in connection with a deal made with Deborah Morales, Abdul-Jabbar's manager and long-time friend, to sell the NBA Hall of Famer's sports memorabilia. The auction house claims it learned the foundation had no intent on using the $300,000 for charity and wants their donation back, as well as punitive damages. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is not listed as a defendant in the lawsuit. Skyhook's mission is to help kids academically. Similar fraud allegations were recently made against Lamar Odom and his "Cathy's Kids" cancer charity but there's no lawsuit involved in that. It's pretty low to set up any fake charity, but kids' charities? Let's hope it's not true.

Celebrities not only get sued, they sue and here recently settled lawsuits brought by, not against, celebrities:

Joe Pesci's lawsuit against Fiore Films has been settled. Pesci sued the filmmakers two years ago, in connection with the Angelo Ruggiero role he was offered to play in a John Gotti biopic that never got off the ground. The actor stated he put on 30 pounds in preparation for the role, and Fiore then reneged on the $3 million deal and offered him a lesser part and less money. Whether he got more or less than the $3 million has not been made public. John Travolta and Al Pacino were also supposed to be connected with the project. Lindsay Lohan, too, at one point but you can probably bet big that she was never formally offered a role.

Sylvester Stallone settled a $1.4 million lawsuit he brought against real estate contractor Mohamed Hadid for shoddy workmanship in his Los Angeles mansion. Stallone hired him on the referral of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump, to reconstruct an island in his kitchen and to install a fire pit. Hadid was also contracted to do some work on the air conditioning system. Stallone claimed he was charged for far more expensive materials than were used. The "Expendables" star minced no words in described the contractor as an "incompetent con man" and an "unscrupulous, unlicensed predator." That can't be good for Hadid, who has been featured on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and "Shahs of Sunset." and "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Unlike his opinion of Hadid, Stallone didn't share the settlement figures.

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