Celebrity Health Scares: Marie Osmond, Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler and Other Stars Suffer Injuries

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Celebrity Health Scares: Marie Osmond, Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler and Other Stars Suffer Injuries

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Who could forget Reese's run-in with a car this year?

Longtime singer, actress and all-around entertainment icon Marie Osmond has been performing in Las Vegas as of late, so she's no stranger to walking on the wild side. Unfortunately, conditions got a bit too wild Wednesday night, as Osmond was reportedly rushed to the hospital following a performance. Although the visit didn't last longer than a few hours, the impetus for her ER arrival was serious -- a "bad lung problem," according to a representative for Osmond.

Because of their larger-than-life stature, it can be difficult to remember at times that celebrities are just people, too, and are subject to the same problems -- medical and otherwise -- that we common folk experience. And though flu season isn't quite here yet, there have been a lot of health concerns lately. Marie Osmond is just the latest celeb to run into trouble; see the latest celebrity health scares below. Thankfully, all of the celebs below have escaped serious harm.

Steven Tyler : Tyler is a veteran of touring, so you would think he would know the ins and outs of life on the road. Unfortunately, a shower in a South American hotel threw the Aerosmith singer for a loop . The Paraguay bathroom got the best of Tyler and he was treated for facial lacerations and had a few teeth knocked out in the incident. Tyler's injuries caused a one-day postponement of an Aerosmith concert, but the rocker recovered quickly and blamed the incident on food poisoning.

Reese Witherspoon : Sometimes, even trying to improve your health can result in unfortunate consequences. Reese Witherspoon found out the hard way, after she was struck by a vehicle while jogging . The actress was reportedly in an unmarked crosswalk at the time and the driver -- an 84-year-old woman -- reportedly had her view obstructed by a tree near the intersection. Thankfully, the "Legally Blonde" star suffered only minor cuts and luckily for the driver, Witherspoon isn't actually legally trained.

Johnny Depp : "Pirates of the Caribbean" may seem to be all fun and games, but it wasn't a laughing matter for Captain Jack Sparrow when a stunt left him with a painful back injury. Calling the injury "monstrous," Depp noted that he tried to hide it on set, but when it went on for a month, Depp had to reveal the painful circumstances. " It was this horrible, grinding electricity going through me," Depp said, but noted "I kept shooting; there was no choice."

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