Celebrity Ex-Wives Club: What Elin Nordegren Could Teach Camille Grammer and Jennifer Aniston

Nordegren Reveals True Tiger Blood in Rebounding from Cheating Husband

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If living well is the best revenge, Elin Nordegren has scored a hole in one against ex-husband Tiger Woods -- without losing her dignity. Unlike the betrayed wives of some celebrity cheaters, Nordegren's reluctance to bad mouth her children's father's and her quiet determination to start a new and better life with her children could become a model for other victims of celebrity cheaters.

Camille Grammer, for instance, whose husband Kelsey Grammer's affair was publicly revealed during the time she was filming her reality TV Show "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," attempted to embarrass the former "Frasier" star. Possibly wanting to give Kelsey a dose of the humiliation he inflicted on her, Camille insinuated to radio shock jock Howard Stern that her ex-husband enjoyed wearing women's clothes only to later claim she was just joking.

Instead of directly dissing ex-husband Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston has allowed surrogates to attack "other woman" Angelina Jolie. Aniston gal pal Chelsea Handler called Jolie a "home wrecker" and acted unimpressed by her global do-gooding. "She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to," Handler scoffed. Though Aniston has continued acting since her divorce from Pitt, both her career and love life seem to be floundering.

Meanwhile, Nordegren has virtually ignored the media in the aftermath of her discovery that her famous golf star husband -- whose squeaky clean image was more Ron Howard than Charlie Sheen -- was actually a serial cheater, whose sexual partners included porn stars and Las Vegas lounge waitresses. She has not made a public statement about Woods for almost a year since she appeared on the cover of People magazine and granted the magazine an exclusive interview to quell curiosity about her calamitous split.

Nordegren has instead focused her energy on creating a wholesome new life for herself and her children. Perhaps wanting to understand what goes on inside the brain of someone like her ex-husband, she has gone back to school to study psychology.

The mother of daughter, Sam, and son, Charlie, is also building a new home for herself and her children. With some spare change from the $110 million settlement she received from her divorce from Woods, Nordegren bought a $12.2 million mansion in North Palm Beach, Fla. and plans to raze the house and build a brand new one on the prime beachfront lot.

Nordegren is even rumored to be dating again. She had a brief fling with a fellow Rollins College classmate who was five years younger than she and self-effacingly joked she was a "cougar." The Swedish former model has also been linked to a banker.

Meanwhile, ex-husband Woods is back in the game -- golf, that is -- but the wunderkind of the little white ball has yet to win a championship since his marital cheating scandal.

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