Celebrities Tweet About the Olympic Closing Ceremonies

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Celebrities Tweet About the Olympic Closing Ceremonies

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Emma Watson was very excited about the Spice Girls performance.

Sadly, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games are now over. However, everyone from the Spice Girls to One Direction and Russell Brand were on hand to take out the London Games in style. Check out what celebrities were tweeting during the Closing Ceremonies.

Eric Stonestreet

My directTv is out. Someone describe the spice girls to me. Very slowly. Slower. Slooooooower. Now faster. And faster. Now slow again," the "Modern Family" funnyman tweeted.

Jordan Burroughs

"Headed back to the states tomorrow! Glad to bring the Gold back to U.S. soil like I promised!" the gold medal-winning wrestler tweeted.

Piers Morgan

"I don't know how Gary Barlow's had the strength to do this tonight - RIP his poor little girl, Poppy," the CNN host tweeted, referring to the stillborn birth of the Take That singer's daughter just last week.

Victoria Beckham

"I was a pop star for the night!! I love u @MelanieCmusic,@OfficialMelB, @GeriHalliwell, @EmmaBunton!! we did it!! X vb

Posh Spice tweeted after their performance.

Geri Halliwell

"That was amazing!!!! Thank you all, we love you!!xx," the artist known as Ginger Spice tweeted.

Niall Horan

"Omg that was unbelievable,highlight of out career, and the biggest audience we will ever play to 1 billion people!" the One Direction singer tweeted after their performance. "Met soo many incredible people today! The who, brian may, spice girls, take that! liam gallagher, just a day none of us will ever forget."

Nina Garcia

"So this #closingceremony is like the MTV video awards? Don't see that many references to the Olympics," the "Project Runway" judge tweeted.

Kirsten Dunst

"Wish they had Radiohead play at the closing ceremony#whatyeararewein," the actress tweeted.

Tony Lucca

"When did the #ClosingCeremony in #London2012 become the opening ceremony in Brasil 2016?" singer and "The Voice" finalist Tony Lucca tweeted.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

"Congratulations London! Brilliantly hosting the Olympic Games. Its a very cool time to be in this electric city. #London2012," the actor and wrestler tweeted after the Closing Ceremony.

Perez Hilton

"Spice up your life - today and always!!!" the blogger tweeted.

Adam Shankman

"What I learned from closing ceremonies: the Rio #2016 olympics are going 2 b a 2 week long xtasy trip. Whheeeee! #olympaholic," the director tweeted. "I can't help but wonder if all those athletes standing watching the show r thinking "my feet hurt. I want just want sum vodka"#olympaholic."

Rio Ferdinand

"Gwaaaarn....Go on Boris Johnson, bopping + I swear singing along to the Spice Girls....Big! Hahaha classic from the future PM!!" the soccer player tweeted, referring to London mayor Boris Johnson's awkward dancing during the Spice Girls performance.

Marlee Matlin

"Wow! My pal @OfficialMelB is looking FIERCE at #Olympic#closingceremony," the actress tweeted.

Joe Zee

"Watching the crazy #ClosingCeremony is like a Red Bull at midnight. Not sure it's the best idea but sure makes for lots of fun," the magazine editor and former reality star tweeted.

Emma Watson

"Spice girls spice girls spice girls!!! #closingceremony," the actress tweeted during their performance.

Zach Braff

"I really hope this closing ceremony impresses McKayla Maroney," the actor tweeted, referring to the #McKaylaisnotimpressed meme.

What was your favorite part of the 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony?

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