Celebrities Tweet Joy Over President Obama's Re-Election

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Justin Bieber

Have you heard? President Barack Obama was elected to four more years on Tuesday night. Most celebrities were excited over the results, save for a few notable exceptions.


Drag queen RuPaul served up the comedy on his Twitter feed during the election results.

"Condragulations @BarackObama Shantay U Stay!" he tweeted, adding, "Now @MittRomney Sashay Away!"

As for what Ru wore to the voting booth?

"Louboutins, a Tee-shirt & Panties. Damn I'm proud 2 B an American!"

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is not a fan of President Obama - and that's putting it lightly. The Motor City Madman had a few choice words after the election ended on Tueday night.

"Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav a president to destroy America," he tweeted. "Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools."

"I cry tears of blood for The Last Best Place & the warriors who died for this tragedy," he added.

Chill on the dramz, dude.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was in London during the election, but she said she was pleasantly surprised when she woke up on Wednesday morning.

"I was terrified that I was going to wake up to a total embarrassment for our country and that today would be a very different day for me," she said Wednesday. "But I was so thrilled."

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is more than a little happy that President Obama is back for four more years.

"Congratulations to our beloved President Barack Obama, our spectacular First Lady Michelle Obama & the adorable Malia & Sasha. We love you! …" she tweeted. "INCREDIBLE SPEECH!!!!!! Watching in a room full of diverse people-all truly moved. Thank you America for President Obama-4more yrs."

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber gives a sobering reminder to all those Republicans who swear they're now moving to Canada.

"alot of emotions right now. congrats President Obama...Im Canadian. Im good. #FreeHealthcare :)" he tweeted.


Cher has been an outspoken opponent of Mitt Romney during the election, so she was delighted when he lost.

"LOVELIES WE WON ! WE WON ! YEAH WE WON ! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT OBAMA! have such a headache! TOLD A FRIEND IT'S 1 OF THE BEST NITES OF MY LIFE," she tweeted/yelled on Tuesday night.

Elizabeth Banks

"The Hunger Games" actress Elizabeth Banks might be squarely in Barack Obama's corner, but she's not above giving Mitt Romney credit for his concession speech.

"Classy concession speech by Mitt Romney. Gave the speech alone, took high road, no excuses, and the country can move on," she tweeted.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Fellow Obama supporter Jesse Tyler Ferguson also thanked Romney for his speech, though he had to add a comical spin on it.

"I know how Romney feels. I felt this way when I was 8 years old: "But...I don't wannnnna get outta the pool," the "Modern Family" star tweeted.

Mark Ronson

DJ Mark Ronson made his comments on the deflated atmosphere inside Romney's campaign headquarters.

"ROMNEY HQ looks like the chillout room at a RAVE. people laying all over the place on a massive comedown," he tweeted.

What are your thoughts over the election?

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