Celebrities Who Suffer from Tanorexia

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A mom in New Jersey has become a celebrity for two very disturbing reasons - she might have allowed her 5-year-old to fake bake in a tanning booth, and her face looks like a cooked turkey.

Patricia Krentcil has become known as the "tanning mom," and it's obvious by looking at her that she suffers from a severe case of "tanorexia," an addiction to tanning. There are plenty of celebrities who seem to suffer from a similar need to make their own skins an unnatural color, but at least most of them try to make their hide a darker hue by using fake tanner. Here are a few of the stars who have taken their love of being tan just a little too far:

The "Jersey Shore" Stars

You've gotta get your GTL on before you're DTF. Being as orange as possible is very important to the stars of "The Jersey Shore," but even Nicole Polizzi thinks that the tanning mom has gone overboard with her baking. According to Hollywood Life, here's what the Oompa Loompa said about Krentcil's tanorexia: "That b**** is crazy." Mark this down as the day that a majority of Americans nodded in agreement with something that Snooki said.

Christina Aguilera

Once this genie got out of her bottle after being locked up tight for a century of lonely nights, she must have decided that she was way too pale - Xtina decided to get "Dirrty" by getting lots of body piercings; wearing skimpy clothes; and overdoing it with the fake tan. It's a good thing that she's not rocking the look anymore, which included brunette hair - everyone would be mistaking the pop princess for the Pickle Princess of Poughkeepsie. But Christina hasn't completely stopped using spray tan, as evidenced by her embarrassing incident at Etta James funeral. A mysterious fluid was photographed running down her leg and streaking her tan, prompting a disgusting discussion about the identity of the liquid. Thankfully a source close to the singer stopped the sickening speculation by saying that it was just sweat.

Lindsay Lohan

At one point in her career Lindsay decided that the secret to being beautiful was to make herself look fried rather than freckled. In fact, she loved using fake tan to make herself all sorts of awful shades of orange so much that she tried selling her own self-tanner. Luckily Lilo is a lot paler these days - she's going to be playing porcelain-skinned stunner Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie, and the brunette beauty never looked like a carrot. However, Lilo seems to be finding other ways to make herself look odd by altering her appearance - she seems to have traded her fake tan for facial fillers like Restylane or Juvederm.

Pippa Middleton

Just call her Pippa "Middletan." Unlike some of the other ladies on this list, Pippa's shade of fake tan is actually found desirable by other people - last year her "royal mocha" shade was voted the most sought-after skin color in the U.K. However, we still think that Pippa would look just as pretty in royal vanilla.

Victoria Beckham

Apparently Pippa has her fellow Brit to blame for the popularity of the fake bake look - beauty guru Nichola Joss says that this former Spice Girl inspired women to spice up their lives by emulating her cinnamon skin color in the 90s.

George Hamilton

More like George Baconilton - this man with the tan is the king of looking extra crispy. No celebrity woman will ever be able to top his bronzed look, although he still probably wouldn't be able to compete with the tanning mom. However, this is the man who was once told by Kirk Douglas that he looked too pale, prompting him to put on so much bronzer that he later described himself as "looking like Sidney Poitier."

So when it comes to tanorexia, at least most celebs avoid the risk of skin cancer by get spray tans. However, why don't they just embrace the pale look? Being snow white is a lot more attractive than being electric orange, and it costs a whole lot less.

So what do you think of tanning? Have orange idiots like the "Jersey Shore" stars made it passé, or is it still sexy?

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