Celebrities Send Out Election Day Tweets

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Celebrities Send Out Election Day Tweets

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Christina Applegate tweeted about celebs sharing their political voices.

Celebrities have been very active in the current presidential election. Some, like Katy Perry, have performed at fundraisers, and others have used Twitter as a way to have their voices heard. Election Day inspired many celebrities to tweet about the election. Here is a look at some of the most notable Election Day tweets.

* Katy Perry tweeted a picture of herself along with her grandmother and President Obama, with the message, "May I exclusively present what might be the cutest photo ever taken: Me, Gma & POTUS! Happy voting tomorrow!"

* Actress Christina Applegate sent out a flurry of election tweets. She defended the celebrities weighing in on the election in one message, saying, "those of you who say celebrities should shut up about politics, you tweet about politics right? So why is our voice any different than yours?"

* Sherri Shepherd urged people to get to the polls, tweeting, "Vote Vote Vote ... people died for you to have this opportunity... they braved water hoses and dogs ... beatings ... don't sit this one out."

* Elizabeth Banks sent out helpful information to voters in several states, saying, "You can REGISTER & VOTE in person at the polls today in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Maine. Do it! RT!"

* Star Jones spent Election Day spreading voter and polling information. She also sent out messages supporting President Obama. In one tweet she said, "Someone asked me last night:"Why should we vote for # Obama?" Here you go: Supreme Court Appointees- ObamaCare - Equal Pay for Equal Work ..."

* "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet injected a little humor into the election, tweeting, "Its important that u vote today. But also; don't forget to feed ur goat, dock ur boat, secure ur tote, and to hang up ur long hooded cape."

* Elisabeth Hasselbeck shared a message from her daughter, "'Mommy- I love our country- we get to choose who our leaders are!' Yes!!!"

* Jennifer Lopez told her followers to get out the vote, saying, "If you are an American, today is the day to make your voice heard! Find your polling place and vote today!"

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