Celebrities Involved in Hit-and-Run Accidents

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Amanda Bynes, a star who is not known for making very many headlines for her acting, is in the news for being involved in her second hit-and-run car accident this year. The young starlet reportedly sideswiped another motorist with her Range Rover, and she subsequently kept driving, fleeing the scene. The ex-Nickelodeon star was also involved in a hit and run when she hit a cop car in April 2012.

In 2010, January Jones was involved in a hit-and-run accident when she lost control of her Land Rover, running into three parked cars. She claimed the accident was caused by distractions was a swarm of paparazzi. The "Mad Men" star reportedly called the police to report the incident after she got home. The police later issued a statement, reporting that "While being followed by paparazzi, Ms. Jones struck two parked cars. She did not flee the scene; she left her license with a witness and walked to her nearby home to call the police. She immediately returned to the scene to speak with the police." Some fans, however, would still consider this a hit-and-run, as she did leave the scene of the accident, regardless of her intentions.

America's mom-next-door, Heather Locklear was serving three years probation for reckless driving due to a DUI arrest when she ran into a 'no parking' sign in 2010. She received a misdemeanor hit-and-run for failing to notify the police after knocking over the sign. Police solved the whodunit by "examining debris left at the scene". Perhaps she left a tube of lip gloss with her DNA on it.

Leann Rimes was en route to the home of her honey, Eddie Cibrian, when she had a minor run-in with another vehicle. Unlike Spears, the country crooner was unaware that she struck a fellow motorist. They just must have believed her claim, as the charges against her were dropped.

Dispelling the myth that only women drivers are bad, Orlando Bloom joined the list of hit-and-run celeb motorists when he crashed into a parked car while dodging a minivan that cut him off. Immediately after the accident, the "Lord of the Rings" star took off on foot, fleeing the scene of the accident.

In one of the better known celebrity hit-and-run incidents, Halle Berry faced charges after she ran a red light and crashed into another car. She reportedly left the scene of the crime, but was late only charged with a misdemeanor. I'm thinking the judge must have seen "Monsters Ball" at some point in his life.

Michelle Rodriguez was involved in a hit-and-run on Hollywood Blvd. in 2003. While she did chat with the driver and passengers in the other vehicle, she left the scene without exchanging insurance information. The judge did not have mercy on the "Lost" star, as she was charged with a hit-and-run as well as driving with a suspended license. Perhaps she should chat with Leann Rimes' attorney.

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