Will Celebrities Influence the Top Baby Names of 2012?

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Kourtney Kardashian's son might not have a particularly unusual moniker, and Mason certainly isn't a new name. However, it became popular enough to shoot up the Social Security Administration's list of the top baby names of 2011, finishing second behind the name Jacob.

Other celebrity baby names that climbed up the list considerably include Xander, the name of January Jones' little boy, and Harper, the moniker Victoria Beckham gave her first little girl.

So since celebrities can obviously prove to be a big influence on the top baby names of the year, there's a good possibility that some of 2012's celebrity babies will soon be sharing their monikers with a lot more people.

Jessica Simpson's girl name Maxwell will probably prove to be popular with plenty of people, but it will be interesting to see if enough expectant parents embrace it to make it climb up the list in the future - there are also lots of mothers and fathers who might find it too masculine for a girl. But if Jess starts calling her Max, the shortened version of the name might shoot up the list (at least Max on "Two Broke Girls" wears it well). Interestingly enough, Jess' ex Tony Romo went with a similar trend when choosing his baby name -- his son Hawkins also has a moniker that's a common surname.

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio gave her son a biblical name that's already popular. Last week she gave birth to a baby boy named Noah, and his moniker is number 5 on the list of top baby names. So perhaps it will continue to climb even higher now that it has been used by a celebrity.

Robert Downey Jr. came up with a more unusual name for his son, and it's not hard to imagine Exton becoming big based on how much love RDJ gets. "The Avengers" star says it was inspired by his wife's eccentric great uncle - he gave himself the middle name Exton when he realized that he didn't have one. It's a masculine moniker that really suits the son of an actor who plays a superhero, and surely it will end up in the top 100 baby names the next time around.

His "Avengers" costar Chris Hemsworth also came up with a great name for his daughter - he and his wife Elsa Pataky dubbed her India simply because they love the country. But Chris definitely deviated from a disturbing new celebrity trend in baby girl names - coming up with monikers that sound like the names of old aunts. Bruce Willis named his daughter Mabel; Jack Osbourne went with Pearl; and Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Saarsgard dubbed their baby girl Gloria. They might seem a little old-fashioned now, but perhaps classic names will start making a comeback.

Then of course there's the biggest baby name of them all - Blue Ivy. Blue might be a name that parents stay away from since it's so unusual and so tied to Beyonce and Jay-Z, but it's easy to see Ivy becoming popular with parents.

So which 2012 baby names do you love and loathe so far?

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