Celebrities Base Costumes on Other Celebs and Movie Characters for Halloween 2011

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There's definitely a trend when it comes to celebrity Halloween costumes this year -- the stars are dressing up like movie characters as well as each other.

Heidi Klum could be seen as the exception with her anatomical outfit, but her bizarre bodysuit that makes it appear like she's missing her skin is kind of reminiscent of certain scenes from the movie "Hollow Man" or "Hellbound: Hellraiser II." For Halloween night she'll also be dressing like a movie character -- she's going to be wearing a monkey suit that might make her look like a "Planet of the Apes" extra.

Meanwhile her fellow blonde bombshell (or "momshell") Gwen Stefani chose a movie-inspired Halloween costume that's a little more kid-friendly. For Kate Hudson's Halloween bash she decided to dress up like Disney's Cinderella, and the pop star couldn't look more perfect as the princess. Of course she did add her own special touches in the form of some very stylish accessories like a neck-load of necklaces and a feathery purse, making her a more fashion-forward version of the fairytale character.

Kim Kardashian is another celebrity who has paid homage to a Disney princess in the past, but this year the Jasmine lookalike decided to dress like a villainous vixen. For the Midori Green Halloween bash at LAVO, Kim donned a Poison Ivy outfit similar to the one worn by Uma Thurman in 1997's "Batman & Robin." It made sense that she decided to go green with her outfit since she's the spokesperson for Midori's green liqueur, but unfortunately her hubby Kris Humphries didn't show up to the party dressed as Ivy's arch-nemesis Batman (maybe he didn't want to wear a suit that has plastic nipples molded into it).

Lea Michele chose to channel a more modern movie character by dressing up like Natalie Portman from "Black Swan" for a party at Hollywood hotspot Voyeur. However, she definitely went a Rachel Berry-esque route -- instead of getting in touch with her dark side, the "Glee" star dressed as the more innocent white swan.

Meanwhile Lea's costar Matthew Morrison played the part of a very dutiful boyfriend -- he dressed up like a rather adorable Roger Rabbit so that his girlfriend Renee Puente could be cartoon sex symbol Jessica Rabbit.

Mariah Carey and her family also got animated for Halloween -- she, Nick Cannon, and their tiny twins dressed up like superhero family "The Incredibles" for a photo shoot benefiting her Camp Mariah organization.

However, brunette beauty Zooey Deschanel's movie-inspired Halloween costume wasn't quite as recognizable. She might be the star of "New Girl," but her "adorkable" outfit was based on an old character. Wearing a shiny silver dress and rocking big '60s hair, she kind of looks like a fembot from one of the Austin Powers movies in this photo. However, Zooey is supposed to be Neely O'Hara from "Valley of the Dolls" (the character played by Patty Duke is an actress who gets addicted to "dolls," or drugs, on her way to the top). Zooey probably got really tired of telling everyone who she's supposed to be and then telling them the premise of the movie.

But while some celebs decided to show movie characters love over the weekend, others dressed up like their fellow stars. Nicole Richie makes a surprisingly convincing Jennifer Lopez with her pink tracksuit, but she's not the only star to dress like the "American Idol" judge -- Kelly Osbourne also emulated the diva on "Fashion Police." Giuliana Rancic made a very convincing Victoria Beckham on the Halloween-themed show, but it was Joan Rivers who had the best costume out of all the fashion critics -- she dressed up like Suri Cruise, complete with a "Help me" sign and giant cardboard versions of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's costume also involved celebrity kids, but she completed her pregnant Angelina Jolie costume with a purse full of multiracial dolls. Of course her boyfriend Jarod Einsohn dressed like Brad Pitt, with dolls stuffed in his jacket pockets and even one attached to his ankle (better watch out, Jarod -- it looks like Jennifer's got babies on the brain).

So are dressing like a movie character or a celebrity for Halloween? And which star's costume do you like best so far? Sound off in the comments!

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