Celebrities Who Celebrate Easter

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Celebrities Who Celebrate Easter

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Some celebrities celebrate Easter for religious reasons, and some just love getting together with loved ones and participating in the holiday traditions. Below is a list compiled of ten celebrities who gave a shout out to their fans for the holiday, or posted pictures of how they spent the day with friends and family. A few celebs even poked fun at the holiday by posting some popular memes.

Eva Longoria Happy Easter everyone! Enjoying my Easter latte! http://say.ly/nmw5upR

Olivia Wilde

Easter is a tough time for eggs: pic.twitter.com/dTTas94FRi

Ariana Grande

Happy Easter everybody! Have a beautiful day with your families.

Melissa Gorga

Antonia wishes you a Happy Easter! Xo http://instagram.com/p/XiXdFwJC5j/

Jenny McCarthy

Back home with my mom in Chgo. Happy Easter everyone. pic.twitter.com/BDjivOVPWb

Oprah Winfrey

Spring skiing with my girls. Happy Easter Day! pic.twitter.com/PgxbEEv0P0

Russell Brand

Resurrection! New beginnings! Elevation of consciousness! Jesus back again! Chocolate mini-eggs! Fertility! Phwoar. Happy Easte (rogen).

Katy Perry

Happy Easter chickadees! http://twitpic.com/cg044m

Sofia Vergara

" @socialprimer: Easter Sunday at Pat Altschul's. @sofiavergara http://Instagram.com/p/XiLK3ApWDG/ "with a southern boy☀

Justin Timberlake

What do y'all know about Cadbury Cream Eggs though..? Reese's Chocolate/Peanut Butter Eggs?? Y'all don't hear me... Happy Easter!!

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