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Want to know which celebrities own cats? Cats are just as loved celebrities as dogs are. The main difference is you don't see the cats for a walk in the park, so there's no way of knowing for sure which stars actually have a fluffy feline laying around their big home. Here we look at what celebrities own cats.

Celebrities and Their Cats

Would you imagine Snoop Dog as the kind of celebrity who would own a cat? Well, he does -- two of them! Both are Siamese with one named Frank Sinatra and the other Miles Davis.

Brigitte Bardot, an avid animal lover, is known to own up to 60 cats. It's unknown how many the celebrity has now, but you can be certain it's more than one. The actress has compared herself to the feline species, considering herself a cat turned into a woman.

Halle Berry got a cat to learn more about her role for "Catwoman." She adopted the kitty and named it Playdough. The cat was also an extra in the film.

CBS anchorwoman, Katie Couric has a fur ball named Frank.

Billy Crystal has a black and white cat named Mittens while Bo Derek has one named She.

Actress Kristen Dunst has 4 cats! Three are siblings - Taz, Felix, and Zorro while Inky is their step-sibling.

Another hot star owning a cat is Cameron Diaz. His name is Little Man. When the actress was with Justin Timberlake, he owned a cat at the time named Alley.

Melanie Griffith has a tabby/white kitty and late night talk show host, Jay Leno, owns one called Cheeseler.

Actor Rober DeNiro is as much a cat lover off-screen as he is in the "Meet the Parents" movies. The celebrity owns 7 cats!

Talk show host, Regis Philbin and his wife, Joy, have always had Himalayan cats. They have one still alive named Ashely after "Gone with the Wind."

Actress Victoria Principal has 2 cats named Terra Catta and Buns.

Suzanne Somers has a kitty appropriately named "Chrissy."

Domestic diva, Martha Stewart loves Himalayans and owns 7. Their names are: Teeney, Weeney, Verdi, Vilvadi, Beethoven, and Mozart.

Screen icon, Elizabeth Taylor owns 3 cats. Ironically, Taylor gave actor James Dean a cat named Marcus after they filmed the movie, "Giant" in 1953. The night before Dean was killed in his Posche in 1955, he gave the cat to a girlfriend to watch for him.

Another celebrity who has a cat is the hostess of "Wheel of Fortune," Vanna White. She owns 2 cats.

Former U.S. President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura own 2 cats, Ernie and India "Willy" Bush.

As you can see there's many celebrities who love their cats.

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