Celebrities' Best Oscars Tweets

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Celebrities' Best Oscars Tweets

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Howard Stern and other celebs had a lot to tweet about the Oscars

The Oscars ran a little long this year, giving Twitter-obsessed celebs plenty of time to celebrate their peers and come up with comedy material to rival host Seth MacFarlane's jokes. So from Jennifer Lawrence's great fall to Kristen Stewart's battered body, here's a look at what stars tweeted about the night's most memorable moments:

"Wow Sally Field looks so beautiful! I also thinks she looks like my mom:)" - "Glee" star Lea Michele came up with a future casting idea

"Totally downloading #wesawyourboobs on iTunes" - "The Big Bang Theory" actress Kaley Cuoco was a fan of Seth MacFarlane's song about movie nudity

"At the Oscars! Bye!!!!!!" - "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville just wanted everyone to know that she was at the show

"And they say I'm mean. That jaws music was brutal." - Shock jock Howard Stern didn't like the sinister choice of get-off-the-stage music

"I love Halle berry but her hair looks like the One Direction guy when he gets out of bed" - "Real Time" host Bill Maher joined the Fashion Police

"Don't make #JohnWilkesBooth jokes in front of a bunch of actors." - Bette Midler critiqued Seth MacFarlane's Lincoln assassination joke

"In fairness, even with a beard Ben Affleck looks nothing like a Cardassian." - George Takei turned Seth's quip about Ben being hairy-faced like a Kardashian into a "Star Trek" joke

"I want off the ride. Bring me back more@SethMacFarlane booby songs." - Reality show star Bethenny Frankel was another fan of Seth's song about bare breasts

"New Fantasy Football Team Name Idea: Kristen Stewart's Arm Bruise." - "Arrow" hottie Stephen Amell on limping K-Stew's bruised arm

"I would listen to Russell Crowe sing the phone book!" - "The Office" star Rainn Wilson on the "Les Miserables" performance

"Renee Zellweger arrives as a Ghost of Christmas Future for Jennifer Lawrence, bearing warning about Botox. #Oscars2013" - "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Renee's odd appearance

"When Daniel Day-Lewis switches into 'party mode,' he makes everyone refer to him as 'Daniel Night-Lewis.' #OscarsWithJoel" - "Community" star Joel McHale on Daniel's method acting

"So sorry that interesting Jennifer Lawrence fell, because that's the only clip they'll show for a hundred years." - Steve Martin on J-Law tripping as she walked to the stage to accept her Best Actress Oscar

"Oh & if ur Meryl f ing Streep, u've earned the right 2 deal w ur wedgie however u like dammit! I'm gonna get one just to be cool!" - Kathy Griffin on Meryl appearing to pick a wedgie as she walked onto the stage

"Well I'm upset at @SethMacFarlane . He lured me to Hollywood tonight saying he had a part for me in the new Star Trek movie! Liar! ;-)" - William Shatner on getting tricked into doing that opening bit

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