Celebrate Elizabeth Taylor's 80th Birthday with Fun Facts About the Violet-Eyed Beauty

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Actress Elizabeth Taylor was remembered fondly in a private ceremony on October 16, 2011.

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Actress Elizabeth Taylor was remembered fondly in a private ceremony on October 16, 2011.

Last week, actress Lindsay Lohan was told that the part of Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor is hers, as long as she can stay on the straight and narrow. Lohan would portray Taylor in a television movie for the Lifetime network. The film is said to focus on the relationship of Liz and Richard Burton. She passed away last March just a few weeks after her 79th birthday.

It's hard to imagine what the world of entertainment would be like now without Liz's presence. She was one of the first stars to have her love life so well documented and followed by the tabloid press. She was a gifted young actress who became Tinseltown's First Lady for quite some time. Today would have been the silver screen icon's 80th birthday, so we thought we'd share some fun facts and trivia about the star who helped create the celebrity culture that exists today.

She's a Two Time Oscar Winner - Taylor's exquisite looks could make it easy to pigeonhole her as someone whose talents were more about her beauty than her acting abilities. However, Liz was nominated for an Oscar five times, and won twice. She took home Best Actress trophies for "Butterfield 8" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Surprisingly, one of her most popular roles, as the titular character in "Cleopatra," didn't earn even a nomination for Taylor.

Eight Times Was The Charm For Her - One of the most well-known facts about Liz was her penchant for collecting engagement rings and wedding bands. With eight marriages to seven different men, it's not hard to imagine that her walls and shelves were probably full of wedding photos and albums. Her longest marriage was to Burton the first time she walked down the aisle with him. That marriage lasted eight years, while none of the others made it past six.

Hollywood's First Million Dollar Baby - "Cleopatra" was a historic film for many reasons. It was a true epic in scale and vision, and in cost. Though small in comparison to the rest of its budget, the one million dollars paid to Liz for her star turn in it made her the first actress ever given such a sum for appearing in a film. Taylor was also given a percentage of the film's gross as well.

An All-American Girl...Born in England? - It's true. While both of Taylor's parents were American citizens, they were living abroad in England when she was born. This gave Taylor dual citizenship, and she was even made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth in 1999.

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