Celeb Trend Report: The Many Haircolors of Lauren Conrad

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Lauren Conrad is at it again! The former star of "The Hills" decided to dye the ends of her signature blonde strands into a popping pink color, much to the chagrin of her stylist.

"Trying to convince @Kristin_Ess to dye my tips fuchsia for tonight's book signing," she tweeted on Tuesday morning. They finally decided to go with the "Fucshia Barbie" look after some prodding from her fans. We're not surprised she's opted for a different look - the girl has literally worn a rainbow of colors in her famous strands over the past year. Let's take a look back.

The Ends of a Rainbow

The Fourth of July inspired Conrad to adopt a Technicolor look - temporarily, of course.

"So I know that this look is a little different, but I can't help it… I'm obsessed! I spent all yesterday trying to decide if I should take a chance and attempt this daring trend (temporarily of course), but I simply can't make up my mind," she wrote on her website, The Beauty Department. She eventually showed off her rainbow strands - and it kicked off a ton of copycat looks.

Brunettes Have More Fun?

Conrad about gave her dedicated fans a collective heart attack when she showed off some brown hair in the first several months of 2011. The California girl is known for her yellow strands, but she decided to mix it up - big time - for a little while.

The result? We liked it, but we prefer our favorite former reality star with blonde hair. She must've felt the same way - she switched back her strands for summer 2011.

Peach Dreams

Conrad got the color bug again in, but she opted for a peach color.

"So it seemed that my days of dying my hair unnatural shades were through… but I was wrong! I have been bitten my the color bug once again!" she wrote on her website. "…I thought I better play it safe and get the opinion of you beauty connoisseurs before I pull the trigger. So what do you guys think? Should I try out these pretty peach tips or should I just stick to my traditional blonde?

Her stylist gave some tips on how to recreate the look at home.

"Always paint, rinse, and dry first to make sure the color is to your liking," Ess said. "Some may like it a little more yellow or pink depending on if your blonde tips are darker or lighter. For a more diluted formula, just add more water-one-half ounce at a time."

We liked the subtle pop of color - we'll probably try it ourselves this summer.

Why So (Subtly) Blue?

Conrad later went for a light blue look at the end of July 2011 - it was hard to see them without looking closely.

"I didn't think anyone would even notice!" she told US Weekly when they spotted the blue strands . "I felt like such a rebel."

Which Lauren Conrad hair color look is your favorite?

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