Celeb Trend Report: Kanye West Among Celeb Guys Who Give Fashion Advice to Their Girls

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Kanye West Reveals the Real Reason Why He Doesn't Want to Be on 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'

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Kanye West

Think Kim Kardashian's look has changed from garish, gawdy outfits to a more streamlined look since she started dating Kanye West? You're not the only one: We've noticed that Kardashian is looking less like herself - and it's because of West's help. He even gave her style advice on camera during a recent episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

She's also been wearing some pieces designed by West, including the god awful Kanye West for Giuseppe Zanotti heels worth some $6,000.

His advice isn't only limited to her clothes, though. The "Watch the Throne" rapper reportedly asked his "perfect b*tch" to ditch her hair extensions in favor of a more natural look.

"He doesn't like the hair extensions, he thinks she is beautiful without out them," a source told RadarOnline. "Kim's natural hair is past her shoulders, and Kanye has told Kim she is a natural beauty and doesn't need to do anything to alter her looks."

Well, that's sweet... kinda. Pretty soon they're going to start coordinating their outfits - oh, wait: they already do.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

West isn't the only celeb with fashion advice for his lady love. Singer and actor Justin Timberlake reportedly likes to advise fiancé Jessica Biel on what she should and shouldn't be wearing.

"He is fearless in his choices and has a real eye for design," she told InStyle in the July issue. "He has better taste than I do."

"When I walk out of the closet after getting dressed in the morning, I'll go like this [turns palms upward as if to say, 'Well?'] And he goes like this [shakes his head no]. Then he picks again. It's hilarious," she added.

The "Total Recall" actress didn't even have a say in what her engagement ring looked like.

"I had no say whatsoever [in the ring]," she added. We love Timberlake, but does he have control issues? Seems like it, though Biel is a willing participant.

Timberlake's latest style advice is less about her clothes than about her hair - her bangs, to be exact. The actress has been sporting fringe lately, but her future hubby reportedly doesn't like it.

"He prefers it when Jessica has her hair side-parted, with a little bit of wave, or when she has it simply tied back," a source told RadarOnline last week.

It works both ways, though. The source added that "she certainly won't let him cut his hair short" for their wedding, which is rumored to be happening in a few weeks in Montana.

Should Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel follow style advice from their respective partners?

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