Cast of 'The Master' Deserves Golden Globe Recognition

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Cast of 'The Master' Deserves Golden Globe Recognition

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Amy Adams may deserve another Golden Globe nod.

The Golden Globe nominations will be revealed on December 13, but many critics are already dishing on which flicks could be award contenders. Movies like "Lincoln" and "Silver Linings Playbook" are sure to receive multiple nods, but one deserving film is flying under the radar. Earlier this year, "The Master" opened up to rave reviews, and its stars jumped into the awards discussion. While it didn't generate the same kind of box office clout that some of the Golden Globe favorites have, don't be surprised if "The Master" receives multiple nominations. Paul Thomas Anderson's movie focuses on a Scientology-like religion called "The Cause," making it one of the most interesting films of the year. Under his brilliant direction, the stars in the movie were all fantastic. Here is a look at the three biggest names in the film, and why they all deserve nominations.

Joaquin Phoenix

Remember Joaquin's bizarre interview with David Letterman? The talented actor has come a long way since then, and he delivers his best performance since "Walk the Line" in 2005. He plays Freddie, a war veteran that is experiencing a great deal of emotional stress. He starts to feel better when he gets involved with the new religion, but the actor makes us believe that those good feelings are only fleeting. Joaquin has been nominated for multiple awards in the past, and this movie is proof that he is on top of his game. He would be a great choice to land a lead actor nomination.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip already has a Golden Globe to his name, and he might make a run at another with his role in this film. He has the difficult task of playing controversial religious leader, Lancaster Dodd. We know that Dodd is manipulative of those around him, but he does it in such a sincere way that we can't help but see his charm. Philip gives the character tremendous balance and his subtle performance carries the movie. Given his body of work, it's no surprise that the actor stands a very good chance of securing yet another Golden Globe nomination.

Amy Adams

Amy is always charming, and she's no stranger to awards. We've seen her earn nominations for playing a devout nun in "Doubt" as well as a tough Boston bartender in "The Fighter." In this movie she plays Peggy Dodd, a character that is nothing like the other women she has portrayed. Peggy is Dodd's wife, and in many ways she's more committed to "The Cause" than her husband. Amy doesn't have a lot of screen time in the movie, but she makes the most of her scenes. The actress makes us believe just how strong Peggy's convictions are, and that becomes an important factor later in the movie. It would be a surprise if she doesn't garner another supporting actress nomination.

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