Carrie Underwood Trusts Husband Mike Fisher: A Look at Her Past Relationships

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Country singer Carrie Underwood has nothing but positive things to say about her marriage to hockey star Mike Fisher. In a recent interview, the "American Idol" alum opened up about how trusting she is of the NHL star. "He's the only guy I've never had to worry about," says the 29-year-old blonde beauty. "Any guy I've ever dated, there would always be that doubt: 'He didn't answer his phone. What's he doing? It's late." With her latest album "Blown Away" dropping on May 1, a happy marriage is just another reason for her to maintain that wonderful smile. The path to finding the love of her life wasn't easy for the singer. Here is a look at a couple of her famous ex-boyfriends.

Tony Romo

Before finding love with a hockey player, the "Good Girl" singer had a little run with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback in 2007. The NFL star is no stranger to dating famous women, as he also dated Jessica Simpson before settling down with beauty contestant Candice Crawford. According to Underwood, their relationship didn't end on the highest of notes. "No. I would never immortalize a guy that did me wrong," she said when asked if a song was written about him. "I would never give him that much credit." Clearly, marital bliss together was never in the cards for these two.

Chase Crawford

Despite being three years her junior, the "Gossip Girl" actor began dating the country star in 2007. They had a seemingly happy relationship that lasted until the spring of 2008 when it ended with a text message. "We've parted ways," she said when confirming the split. "I actually haven't spoken to him in over a month." A source mentioned that it was Carrie that pulled the plug on the romance, but she insists that it was a mutual decision. Not long after this relationship bit the dust, Underwood began dating Fisher and the two were married in 2010.

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