Carrie Underwood & 12-Year-Old Boy Vs. Kirstie Alley & Tom Bergeron - Which Kiss was More Memorable?

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Carrie Underwood & 12-Year-Old Boy Vs. Kirstie Alley & Tom Bergeron - Which Kiss was More Memorable?

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Carrie Underwood made a kid's day with a serious smooch.

This has been an interesting week in kisses. First, Kirstie Alley kisses Tom Bergeron, and now Carrie Underwood has given a 12-year-old boy his first kiss. Both of these incidents caused quite a reaction from audiences. But which smooch was more memorable?

Background Info

On Monday's "Dancing With the Stars: All Stars" premiere, Kirstie and Maksim Chmerkovskiy performed an unmemorable foxtrot that earned an underwhelming score of 19. However, Kirstie gave Emmy Award-winning host Bergeron a night to remember by planting a lingering wet one on his lips.

Last night, Carrie was performing in Louisville, Kentucky when she spotted a 12-year-boy named Chase. He was holding a sign asking her to give him his first kiss. When she asked how he wanted it, he replied, "lip to lip." She described him as "the smartest kid ever" and said, "that's the only time that's going to happen."

Age Appropriateness

Both Tom and Carrie are married. The difference is that Kirstie caught Tom by surprise while Carrie made a planned decision to kiss Chase.

Tom and Kirstie's kiss was obviously much more age appropriate, dampening the shock value in comparison. However, their kiss was quite a bit more intense than that of Carrie and Chase!

The Guys' Reactions

Tom was a great sport about his kiss. He posted a picture of it on Twitter and commented, "Winning an Emmy certainly has its' perks! Thanks, @Kirstiealley! #dwtsallstars"

Meanwhile, Carrie was glad to help make a preteen boy's dream come true. On her Twitter profile, she posted a picture of the kiss and commented, "Thanks, Chase, for the kiss and thanks Louisville for rocking so hard tonight! We had fun! #liptolip"

Which kiss was more memorable? From an audience perspective, I'm going with Kirstie and Tom. However, putting myself in the shoes of the parties involved, I'm going with Carrie and Chase. He just had his first kiss and has no other basis for comparison.

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