Cameron Diaz Turns 40: A Look at Her Best Roles

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Cameron Diaz Turns 40: A Look at Her Best Roles

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Welcome to 40 Cameron Diaz.

Actress Cameron Diaz is celebrating a milestone birthday on August 30. It might be hard to believe, but the stunning blonde beauty is turning 40 today. Despite reaching that critical plateau, the actress is still as beautiful as ever. According to her, the idea of turning 40 isn't all that scary. "I say, embrace it," she said when discussing age in a recent interview. "I love getting older. I love everything that comes with it. I'm better in every way because of it." With almost two decades of strong acting to her credit, there are plenty of great memories for her reflect on as she gets older. In honor of her big birthday, here is a look at some of Cameron's best acting roles to date.

Mary - "There's Something about Mary"

Though she broke onto the Hollywood scene in the Jim Carrey comedy "The Mask," Cameron wasn't a household name until her big role in this landmark 1998 comedy. As the title character, Cameron shines as the dream girl of just about every guy in the movie. She was able to hold her own with comedy heavyweights like Ben Stiller and Matt Dillon, and she earned a lot of recognition in the process. In addition to winning the MTV Award for Best Female Performance, the star also earned a Golden Globe nomination. With a couple of classic scenes, the actress helped usher in a new era of vulgar comedy.

Lotte - "Being John Malkovich"

In this quirky 1999 hit, Cameron went way out of character to play the role of the pet-obsessed Lotte. In the movie, the star ditched her classic good looks in order to play the very homely-looking character. Instead of her trademark blonde locks, she is almost unrecognizable with her ratty hair and plain clothes. The transformation worked, and she ended up earning acting nominations from the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild.

Christina - "Any Given Sunday"

In this lengthy football epic from Oliver Stone, Cameron shines through as one of the main antagonists. She plays Christina Pagniacci, the evil owner of the fictional Miami Sharks. While she aggravates Al Pacino throughout the movie, it is clear that she channels some of the most villainous owners in professional sports. It was a lot of fun seeing her bad side, and this role proves that she can play an unflattering character while still being beautiful.

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