Bruce Willis Not Impressed with His Acting: A Look at His Best Characters

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Bruce Willis apparently isn't a huge fan of Bruce Willis. The superstar actor recently discussed his opinion of his own acting ability, and it seems like he is less than impressed. "I don't think I'm very good at it," he said when discussing his craft in a magazine interview. Of course, a long career for the 57-year-old actor is a sure sign that most fans don't share his sentiment. While the actor might not have taken home an Oscar, he has had a number of great roles in the past. Here is a look at some of the most memorable characters played by Willis.

John McClane - "Die Hard"

Willis has played the tough-guy cop in four "Die Hard" movies so far and will take on the role for a fifth time in 2013. Though these movies are more known for intense action than they are for spirited performances, you can't take anything away from the actor's work. Willis does a great job of letting us know how flawed the hero cop really is. With every movie, he peels away another layer and allows us to learn a little bit more about the character. That is a credit to his ability as an actor as much as anything else.

James Cole - "12 Monkeys"

The actor took a much more subdued approach for his role as James Cole, a tortured man from the future that travels back in time and attempts to warn his therapist of the world's impending doom. He never raises his voice and his temperament remains eerily calm given the nature of the movie. The star definitely does a nice job of providing humanity to this otherwise cold film.

John Hartigan - "Sin City"

As an aging cop on a quest to catch a rapist, Willis steals the show in this star-studded movie. The cop we see him play here is about as far away from John McClane as you can possibly get. The actor does a brilliant job of showing us a man that knows his fate is sealed. Given everything else going on in this movie, it is easy to forget just how good he really was in the role.

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