Bruce Willis Goes Rogue in Radio Interview: Other Celebs Who Were Rude to Reporters

Was Willis Secretly Auditioining for "Grumpy Old Men 2"?

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Bruce Willis Goes Rogue in Radio Interview: Other Celebs Who Were Rude to Reporters

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Bruce Willis

If he weren't bald, you might think Bruce Willis was having a bad hair day.

The action star rotated between acting rude and bored during an interview this week with a British entertainment reporter who was just trying to help the star hawk his new movie "Red 2" and score a few ratings points for himself.

In a radio chat with Magic 105.4's Jamie Edwards, Willis made even co-star Mary-Louise Parker uncomfortable when he copped an attitude with the affable reporter.

The interview got off to a shaky start when Edwards threw a softball question at the "Die Hard" actor, asking him where he enjoyed filming the most. Willis replied "Istanbul," which may be a great city, but it wasn't in the movie.

The temperature dropped from lukewarm to chilly when Willis condescendingly clued his host in about why he was there. "This part is not acting, what we're doing right now," he said. "You might be. We're just selling the film now. Sales. The fun part was making the movie."

In a last ditch attempt to save the interview, Edwards asked Demi Moore's former main squeeze if he enjoyed the movie's car chase scenes. The 58-year-old actor replied, "I'm thinking about driving right now. I can hardly keep my mind on this interview."

The reporter was not the only one taken aback by the bizarre exchange. The media jumped all over Willis for being such a bad sport. "Bruce Willis Acts Like A Total Jerk To A British Interviewer For Daring To Ask About His Movie," read the headline at Crushable. "Grumpy Bruce Willis sabotages 'RED 2' promotional interview," blasted MSN. A new hashtag even surfaced on Twitter -- #BruceWillisIsaTwonk.

Though he may have acted a bit bratty, The Bruce-ster is not the first celebrity to be rude to a reporter.

British journalist Chrissy Iley recalled flying across the pond to interview Mila Kunis. "I arrived, and she said, 'Could we wrap this up in 10 minutes?' Well, it was for a cover story, so not really. I think she was just caught up in a celebrity moment of feeling she was the most hounded woman on the planet and everybody wanted a piece of her."

Janice Turner of The Times of London was horrified when Gwyneth Paltrow offered her elbow when she went to shake hands with her. The "Contagion" actress said her hands were wet -- she'd just been to the bathroom and washed them -- but is she so green she couldn't use a paper towel? The reporter may have cut her some slack had the overall vibe from the GOOP blogger not been so off-putting. "I found her very haughty," she said.

More recently, Nicki Minaj took heat from "Access Hollywood" reporter Laura Saltman for being "ungracious." Questioning the then-"American Idol" judge about a Twitter exchange with Mariah Carey, the "Sex in the Lounge" singer retorted, "That question didn't even make sense. So you want me to insinuate what you're talking about. I'm not going to."

The reaction was part of a pattern of the pop rapper being rude to reporters, according to Saltman. "Each week, she comes backstage for interviews and we are told 'two questions only' while her people hover over you and even, at times, have their hand on your arm as you end your interview to make you stop," she wrote in her Dish of Salt blog. "Waiver from the two-question rule and Nicki herself will walk away. She makes zero eye contact and has no connection to whomever is interviewing her."

Despite the stiff competition, Kelsey Grammer could win the medal for rubbing reporters the wrong way. At a press conference to promote his Starz TV show "Boss," the "Frasier" star's cell phone rang, and he made everyone wait while he took a phone call from his wife.

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