Bruce Willis Donates Ski Resort to Charity - Who Else Has Shown Their Charitable Side Lately?

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Bruce Willis Donates Ski Resort to Charity - Who Else Has Shown Their Charitable Side Lately?

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Actor Bruce Willis is expecting a new child at age 56.

Tinsel Town veteran Bruce Willis is showing some real charity to a town in Idaho. The Soldier Mountain Ski Area is a ski-resort that the action star has owned for quite some time. Willis has announced that he will be turning over that resort to a non-profit charity formed by members of the community that it resides in. Willis, who also just had a baby girl this past April, said, he "couldn't be more pleased with the organization that will be responsible for the management of the Soldier Mountain Ski Area. It was exciting to see that the very people who ski at Soldier care so much about its future."

Celebrities often show great compassion and a giving spirit. Willis is just one of a few stars who have recently donated substantially to a cause. Here are a few of the more notable examples.

Bret Michaels - The Poison rocker has certainly had his fair share of ups and downs. But in 2010 his life was threatened when he was rushed to the hospital after complaining of a terrible headache. Doctors found he had suffered a brain hemorrhage and needed surgery. To repay the surgeons at St. Joseph's Barrow Neurological institute for literally saving his life, Michaels opened the Bret Michaels Hospitality and Music Room at the hospital. Michaels said he hopes the room is a place for patients and their loved ones to " take their mind off what's going on with their family."

Taylor Swift - The country singer's recent charity came after she found out about a prank played on a school for the deaf. An online contest for a campus visit and performance in the Boston area was held and the deaf school was disqualified after it was discovered many of the votes came from cruel pranksters who wanted to be "funny" by voting for a school for those who are hearing-impaired. After hearing of the mean joke, Swift promised to give a concert ticket to every student and donated $10,000 to the school. Talk about making it right!

Words With Friendly Stars - The popular mobile phone app "Words With Friends" recently held a charity tournament with several stars including Edward Norton, Jonah Hill and Kristen Bell. Players were able to join up with their favorite stars' teams and help them compete for up to $500,000 prize for the celebrity's charity. Norton, who is a self-described fanatic for the game, wound up winning $100,000 for his charity, the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund.

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