Brooks Forester is Not 'Finish Line' Material for 'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock

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Brooks Forester is Not 'Finish Line' Material for 'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock

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(Chris Harrison)

For once, Chris Harrison actually came through when he promised the "most dramatic finale yet."

This week, "Bachelorette" Desiree Hartsock took the final 3 men on overnight dates in Antigua. Unfortunately, her Fantasy Suite date with Brooks turned into a reality TV nightmare.

Why is it that the contestants from Salt Lake City (Bentley Williams, Brooks Forester, and Michelle Money) always seem to cause so much trouble? Meanwhile, the contestants from Seattle always seem to be the safe-choice runner-ups? (Chris Siegfried, Jason Mesnick, and Lindzi Cox).

Drew Wants To Have "Good Mornings"

Desiree's date with Drew began when he pranced over to her in Betty's Hope. I always laugh every time she and Drew kiss. The way he tries to force physical passion, combined with her heavy kissing style really seems contrived.

In any case, Des and Drew spent the day mingling with the locals at Shirley Heights. Later, after the rain washed out their beach side dinner, they decided to seek shelter in the Fantasy Suite. As they sipped champagne and ate cake on a rose-petaled bed, Des talked about how Drew makes her feel "like a princess."

Drew talked about how he was ready to get down on one knee right away, and how he looked forward to their time in the Fantasy Suite. He talked about how he wanted to have "good mornings" with her as well as "good nights."

In his best manly voice, Drew politely shooed the camera crew away, telling them, "all right, guys, time to leave."

Brooks Can't Cross That Bridge

Brooks was having doubts about his feelings for Desiree. Seeing him walking to the middle of a bridge before stopping was quite symbolic of his feelings. He just couldn't take that next step from "like" to "love."

A conversation with his mother and sister helped him to realize that he needed to break up with Des. If he wasn't feeling it, then she deserved to know the truth.

Chris S. Is "Falling Forward"

Meanwhile, Des and Chris S. spent a romantic date in Barbuda Island. Des loved how "supportive" he's been all season, and pointed out that even on group dates, he always found a way to connect with her.

After a toast to "falling forward," Chris initiated a conversation about "The Future." He talked about there were "opportunities" to raise a family in Seattle, and asked if she would be ready to move.

Although she considered LA her home, she was also willing to make "sacrifices" for love. Why does the woman always have to move to be with the man? To his credit though, he did point out that love was a two-way street, and that there would be compromises on both sides.

After yet another round of poetry, Matt White sang them out, as they made their way to the Fantasy Suite.

Harrison Plays Psychologist

Later, Chris Harrison paid a visit to Brooks. After Brooks discussed some of his concerns, Harrison played armchair psychologist, asking him if he was ready to fall in love at all. He even asked if his parents' divorce had prompted his inability to commit.

Really? Guys are not afraid to commit. If they're truly into you, then they're not going to let their parents' divorce or other issues get in the way.

I have to give Brooks a bit of credit. Instead of hiding behind "issues" or "fear of commitment," he was honest enough to admit that he wasn't in love with Des, and that she wasn't the one. We can't fault him for that.

He's Just Not That Into You

Brooks seemed to have the right intentions. He wanted to break it off in order to protect her from getting hurt later on. But he did fumble in his execution of the breakup.

There are two things that I've learned about how to handle breakups: don't ask or try to over-explain, and don't try to be the one to comfort the dumpee.

Every time Brooks tried to explain himself, he only ended up talking in circles. Breakups are difficult enough. Why prolong the process? What he should have done was simply explained that while he cared about her, he wasn't in love with her. Then, he should have wished her the best, and walked away.

It really sends a mixed message when the dumper tries to comfort the dumpee. She just got dumped on national television by a guy she's been in love with from the beginning. And he still has to ask, "why are you crying?" I'm wondering if all that hair product has affected his cognitive faculties.

As for Des, Ashley Spivey said it best when she tweeted, "Girl you need to learn the @AliFedotowsky - pretty cry and WALK AWAY. #bachelorette"

Is There a "Finish Line" In Sight for Desiree?

If Desiree ends up with Brooks next week, then I will be very disappointed.

To take him back after he spent 40 minutes explaining how he didn't love her would show a lack of self-respect. Where's Nate Hartsock when you need him?

Even if Brooks has a change of heart and returns next week, there is no guarantee that he won't bail again. If he's not feeling it now, then no amount of time is going to change that. If Brooks proposes to her, it will be out guilt, fear, obligation, or possible producer manipulation.

From his mannerisms, to his mumbling voice, Brooks has always come across as a bit of a wimp. Seeing him cry like a baby over a broken finger earlier this season makes me wonder how he would handle other challenging life situations, especially if his mother and sister aren't around to fend for him.

Brooks is not "finish line" material, at least not for Des.

Unfortunately, it looks like Desiree will probably take him back next week. Even after last night's episode, spoiler king Reality Steve is still convinced that Des is engaged to Brooks. After crying about how she only loved Brooks and how she didn't want to "share her heart," how could she possibly be in the position to give Chris or Drew a chance?

Also, although we saw Brooks step into the exit limo, we never actually saw the limo drive away.

In any case, I will be very interested to see what happens next week, in part 2 of the "most dramatic finale in history."

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