Brooke Shields Goes Without Makeup: How Does She Compare to Other Fresh-Faced Celebs?

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Brooke Shields Goes Without Makeup: How Does She Compare to Other Fresh-Faced Celebs?

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Brooke Shields

It seems like everyone wants to see celebrities looking natural - and then these same people slam the celebs when they do go out without makeup.

Case in point? Brooke Shields. The gorgeous actress stepped out over the weekend to see "A Tomato Can't Grow in the Bronx" without a drop of mascara or foundation.

"Brook Shields is aging quickly......she was such a cute little girl back in the day," one Twitter user tweeted about the 46-year-old.

"Yikes," wrote another.

We don't think Shields looks that bad. No, she doesn't look 20 - and she's not supposed to. These other celebs that go makeup-free prove that enhancements aren't necessary to look gorgeous.

Kim Kardashian

We might say a lot of thing about Kim Kardashian, but the reality star does have some incredible skin. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star seems to be a lot more willing to show off her au naturale skin these days - maybe boyfriend Kanye West has influenced that?

Don't be fooled, though: Kardashian isn't afraid to cake on the makeup for events. Her secret weapon seems to be concealer, judging from the recent photos she posted of her makeup application process.

Not gonna lie - we stole a few of her makeup tricks.


Motherhood seems to agree with Snooki. The over-the-top reality star is known for her caked-on makeup and false lashes, but these days she's all about a fresh face for baby Lorenzo.

She's obviously proud of her makeup free face, judging from her Twitter account.

"Legit loungin in pjs & no makeup. I feel good," she tweeted over the weekend.

If she was fishing for compliments, it worked.

"@snooki you're so pretty without make up!!" one follower replied.

"@snooki you are so beautiful without makeup. I'm slightly jealous," another wrote.

This isn't the first time she's showed off a fresh face on Twitter. The pint-sized reality star caused a mini sensation when she posted another makeup-free shot back in January.

"No make up day :) and IDC," she added.

We completely prefer the pale and no makeup look compared to her typical blinged-out style. Maybe we'll see more of that now that "Jersey Shore" is over.

We won't hold our breath, especially since she's "obsessed" with a notoriously made-up medium.

"I'm obsessed with Long Island Medium & I need to meet her," Snooki tweeted.

Spirit animals!

Do you prefer celebs with or without makeup?

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