Brooke Burke: Parenting Tips, Mommy Secrets & Healthy Living

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When fans think of Brooke Burke, they probably don't think of their mom. The brunette beauty has been heating up the small screen for about two decades now. As the longtime host of the E! Network's "Wild On!" Brooke donned a bikini for several seasons and not much else. Brooke is currently best known as the co-host of ABC's reality competition "Dancing With The Stars."

Most fans don't realize is that Brooke is also capitalizing on her role as a homemaker. Brooke is a wife and mom to 4 kids. Her full name is actually Brooke Burke Charvet, in respect to her husband David Charvet of "Baywatch" fame.

In the tradition of Tori Spelling, Martha Stewart and Kourtney Kardashian, Brooke is passing on her "homekeeping" tips. Brooke's the CEO of, a blog and suite of video advice programming. If you need advice on being a better parent, someone with 4 children probably has a storehouse of knowledge.

Brooke's Top Parenting Tips:

Being A Parent, Not A Friend

As "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" viewers know, the lines between raising a child can blur with being your child's BFF. Brooke says that it's important to keep the distinction of being a parent rather than being a friend. She writes, "One of the most important values - something that I pride myself on - is teaching my children to be decent human beings. Which means I'm all over them when it comes to manners, when it comes to being conscious of the world around them and other people, being considerate people, and learning how to be responsible human beings." Many could learn from her example.

Have Your Own Life

Brooke may be a mom, wife and entrepreneur, but girls still want to have fun! She stresses the importance of good girlfriends. It's important for parents to remember that they need to have a life, too. For BB, a Ladies Only Bash includes, "Drinks, dinner and of course lots of dishing... I've arranged mani-pedis, my all time favorite splurge - FOOT massages, and even a psychic to open the possibilities in my girlfriends' minds." That definitely sounds like a great time.

Splurge On Fun

Brooke is known for having an amazing body. However, moderation is key even when it comes to healthy living. She tells her fellow moms to get out of their sweats from time to time. She confesses to Self Magazine her unhealthy secret is that she drinks "a lot of wine." Well, it looks good on her!

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