Brittany Murphy’s 4 Greatest Movie Roles

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Brittany Murphy's husband dead.

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Brittany Murphy's husband dead.

It has been two years since Brittany Murphy passed away and we miss her dearly. Hollywood lost one talented and beautiful actress. The autopsy report reportedly said that Brittany died of community-acquired pneumonia and iron deficiency anemia. But her father, Angelo Bertolotti, doesn't think that her death was investigated fully. That is why he filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office on Wednesday. He requested in the lawsuit to release his daughter's hair samples so he could investigate her death further.

Brittany acted in some spectacular movies before she died. Let's look back at some of Brittany's greatest movie roles.

1. "Riding in Cars With Boys" (2001)

In this film, Brittany played the best friend of Beverly Donofrio (played by Drew Barrymore), a woman who had a son at age 15 and went through a terrible marriage with the drug-addicted father. Even though Barrymore was the star of the movie, Brittany still gave a remarkable performance as the best friend who also became pregnant at a young age and dealt with her husband being away at war.

2. "8 Mile" (2002)

The movie 8 Mile had a lot of talented actors in it, including Brittany. The film is based on Eminem's life in Detroit before he became a famous rapper. Brittany plays Alex, a young woman who also wanted to get out of Detroit to become famous. She is good at depicting an edgy woman in this film. During the movie, her character was not afraid to say what was on her mind and do things that others might not have approved of. Brittany and Eminem shared a brief intimate moment in the film.

3. "Don't Say a Word" (2001)

Brittany gives a spectacular performance in this chilling film. She played a young woman named Elisabeth, who was in a mental hospital for post traumatic stress disorder. Her character held the secret to free a prominent psychiatrist's (played by Michael Douglas) daughter from kidnappers. When she says the famous words "I'll never tell," it sends chills down your back.

4. "Girl, Interrupted" (1999)

Brittany had a smaller role in this dark movie, but still did a great job playing a young woman who was in a mental hospital for an eating disorder. When she talked about why she was afraid to eat in front of others, it almost made you want to tear up. Winona Rider, Angelina Jolie and Whoopi Goldberg also gave moving performances in this film.

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