Britney Spears Talking Book Deal: Other Stars to Put Their Pens to Paper for the Sake of Fiction

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Britney Spears "Femm Fatale" coming this March!

Britney Spears may soon be making stuff up! That's right, the singer and current "X Factor" judge may soon be testing her imagination by creating a fiction book to sell to the masses.

While the singer seems to have had quite enough drama in her own life, she's reportedly in talks to fictionalize her life in an upcoming novel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star's deal would be similar to Lauren Conrad's best-selling L.A. Candy which focuses on a young woman who moves to Los Angeles only to find herself becoming the star of a reality series.

In taking a page from the reality star, the singer will join a growing legion of stars who have decided to branch out beyond the small screen and put pen to paper. Here are some of the stars who have taken a stab at being an author:

Lauren Conrad: The "Hills" star has branched out well beyond her reality television beginnings to become quite the successful author. She released her first novel, L.A. Candy in 2009 which was inspired by her own personal life and focused on a bright eyed young woman who becomes the star of a popular reality series. It quickly launched itself onto the New York Times bestseller list and led to two follow-up novels, Sweet Little Lies and Sugar and Spice. There are currently plans to turn the book trilogy into a film with Conrad serving as executive producer.

Snooki: She may be basking in the glow of little Lorenzo these days, but the "Jersey Shore" star has taken her own turn behind the typewriter. Her first (and probably her last) take at a fictional novel, A Shore Thing was released in early 2011. The book features the story of two young women who spend their time partying on the Jersey Shore while searching for love on the boardwalk. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as successful as Conrad's and only sold 9,000 copies during its first month of release.

The Kardashians: As if their own life was dramatic enough, the eldest Kardashian sisters took their attempt at fiction to the masses in the novel, Dollhouse, last year. The book featured the glamorous day-to-day happenings of a family in the spotlight of fame. At the time, Kim wrote on her blog, "The novel is based on our lives, but we've added a lot of crazy fictional twists and turns. You'll have to decide for yourself which story lines are true to life, and which ones we dreamed up."

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