Britney Spears Sports British Accent in Video: The Worst British Accents Ever

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Britney Spears Sports British Accent in Video: The Worst British Accents Ever

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Britney Spears rocked a British accent in a new music video.

Is Brit going British? The pop star, who hails from Louisiana, can be heard sporting a strange British accent in the new video for the single "Scream and Shout." Brit's bad British accent is sure to be the highlight of the music video, but we shouldn't be surprised to see her use it. In 2008, she was famously taped speaking with a British tone. While Brit's accent is certainly bad, it isn't nearly the worst fake British accent we have ever seen. Celebs have been attempting to mimic the British voice for years, and sometimes the results are incredibly bad. Here are three famous people that have delivered some of the worst British accents ever.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu has appeared in plenty of hit movies, but he hasn't exactly earned a lot of praise for his acting skills. The whole concept of seeing the long-haired guy from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" speak with a British accent seems laughable, but it really happened. Keanu attempted to lend an authentic dialect to the role of Jonathan Harker in "Bram Stoker's Dracula," but the results brought a lot of unintentional humor to the movie. Just listening to him talk brings about plenty of laughs, which you might not expect from a period epic about Dracula.

Don Cheadle

The Oscar-nominated actor has appeared in a variety of roles over the years, but his most famous character might be Basher Tarr, the munitions expert from the "Ocean's Eleven" franchise. Don uses a Cockney dialect in the three movies, and his fellow thieves are often confused about what he's really trying to say. The same goes for most of us watching at home. The poorly designed accent might have been intended as comical, but Don took some heat from people that thought the accent was poorly done. "I've taken so much s**t for that accent," he said in 2011.

Dick Van Dyke

Dick is a comedy legend, but his British accent in the classic film "Mary Poppins" has long been the subject of laughter for all the wrong reasons. As great as the movie is, it's hard not to smirk when Dick starts to do the famous "comical poem" scene from the movie. His performance is generally really good, but that accent is a blemish that stands out in a big way. Still, the overall charm of the character is enough for most people to look past the one glaring flaw he has in the movie.

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