Bret Michaels Critiques Tom Cruise - Other Celebrities Who Scoffed at an Actor's Portrayal

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Bret Michaels may be a little bit protective of his image as an '80s rock icon. Celebuzz reports that Michaels characterized Tom Cruise's portrayal of fictional hair band star Stacce Jaxx in "Rock of Ages" as "over the top." Michaels may be mellowing as he ages, but his own stint as front man for the band Poison was not exactly replete with subtlety.

While some hype the critical aspect of Michaels' comments, in fact he has more positive things to say about Cruise in this interview than negative ones. "Without a doubt, Tom and the entire cast come up roses by making the movie a fun energetic party - along with a great story line that makes no apologies," Michaels concludes.

This isn't the first time someone in the know has had a few choice words to say about a celebrity's movie depiction. Check out these other notable film critiques.

"The Vampire Chronicles" Controversy

Tom Cruise was the target of a truly incensed Anne Rice in 1993 when he was cast to play the dark hero of her famous vampire series, Lestat. Rice complained that both Cruise and Brad Pitt, who was cast as Louis, were too "mom and apple pie" to portray the exotic 19 th Century blood suckers, according to the LA Times .

Rice later reversed her opinion when she saw the finished product. After viewing the movie, she conceded that Cruise was "wonderful." She even called him to apologize and let him know how impressed she was with his performance.

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor?

Recently Lifetime has been criticized for selecting Lindsay Lohan to play classy film legend, Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming made for TV movie, "Liz & Dick."

Rosie O'Donnell went on a rant about it during an interview with Access Hollywood , saying "I don't think she's right for the role and I don't think she's capable at this point of doing what's needed."

Lohan objected to O'Donnell's critique, insisting "I know that I'm great... I know Liz Taylor really well and...we've worked with a lot of the same people. I'm really lucky to be able to do this role and I just want to honor her the way that she should be honored.

Of O'Donnell's comments, Lohan said, "she should base her opinions when she meets someone." Good point.

Battle of the Bonnies

Faye Dunaway was none too happy to hear that Hilary Duff will reprise the role of Bonnie in "Bonnie and Clyde," a role for which Dunaway received an Oscar nomination. "Couldn't they at least have case a real actress?" Dunaway quipped .

Duff punched back, telling E! News, "I think it [Dunaway's comment] was a little unnecessary, but I might be mad if I looked like that now too."

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