'Breaking In' Star Plays 5 Questions

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'Breaking In' Star Plays 5 Questions

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'Breaking In' Star Plays 5 Questions

Reaching the season two mark isn't the rarest occurrence on television -- but few shows have been canceled and revived, so with tonight's season two premiere of Breaking In, the once-kaput series joins an elite club (led by Family Guy) of shows that made it back from the dead!

And like Seth MacFarlane's animated assault on ethics, Breaking In has returned because of fan support. So to further applaud your devotion, I caught up with star Alphonso McAuley to find out what you can expect from season two.

Insider.com: First of all, what was it like to go from canceled to uncanceled?
Alphonso McAuley: It was like a rollercoaster without a safety belt. It was so bizarre. No. Bizarre isn't even the right word. You never know what's going to happen – but that's Hollywood.

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Insider: What can fans expect from season two?
Alphonso: They can expect more funny. More Cash – oh yea! And Megan Mullally joins the show. She's a beast! She played our new co-boss Veronica and she's really amazing. Her quirkiness helps her fit right into the tone of the show. Cash also gets a lot of new costumes. I got a lot of hit-ups about the Voltron suit and Black Zeus – there's a lot more of that. And once the fans start seeing that, they're going to fall back in love with Cash.

Insider: Was the renewal contingent on anything changing on the show itself?
Alphonso: It's going to focus less on the break-ins – they're going for a lot more characters. The fans will see that right away. There's more relationships, more character interactions and more hilarity.

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Insider: Has Cameron permanently earned Cash's respect now?
Alphonso: He definitely has. After Take The Movie and Run, they bonded – there was a bump in the friendship but they came back together. This season, it's more about the bumps in the road that get thrown at the team as a result of Veronica coming aboard. She brings a lot of antics into our world.

Insider: And pop culture references? Does she bring like 875 of those?
Alphonso: She brings 1,875! It's a lot. That hasn't changed. Lots more internet memes. And there's a lot of covert references. You have to keep your eyes peeled in a bigger way this season. Layers and layers of references. Like a lasagna. A pop culture lasagna.

Breaking In premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

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