Brandi Glanville Vs. Kristen Stewart! K-Stew Fans React to ‘She’s Just like LeAnn Rimes’

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Brandi Glanville is mad as heck and she's not going to take it anymore. Actually, when has this brassy blonde ever taken "guff" from anyone? On her very first appearance on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" the former model declared that she was "married to the biggest d-bag of all time." Of course she was referring to her cheating ex hubbie, actor Eddie Cibrian, who left her for singer LeAnn Rimes.

Glanville is definitely not an ex wife who goes gently into the night. She has used most of her TV time to get in as many digs in against Eddie and LeAnn as possible. One can hardly blame her. When the California girl is not living as a single mother she is sharing parenting duties with the woman who, by all accounts, broke up her marriage.

Last week Kristen Stewart's public apology to Rob Pattinson exploded in the media. Twi-hards have been quite emotional about Bella Swan cheating on Edward Cullen. It bears noting that there hasn't been as much outrage directed toward Kristen's affair partner, married older director of " Snow White and the Huntsman," Rupert Sanders. Kristen has called the adulterous scandal "a momentary indiscretion" but there is new news that the affair may have been ongoing.

Jilted ex Brandi has no vested interest in letting Rupert and Kristen off the hook. Never one to bite her tongue, Brandi took to twitter to express her outrage. Ms. Rimes' nemesis tweeted, "I'm not happy with this K stew BS. 2 close to home. Same story, friends with the wife and kids & f-k the husband wen we think no one is looking [sic]." Glanville is referring to the ironic fact that Rupert's wife, Liberty Ross, played K-Stew's mom in the Snow White flick.

Fans of RobSten, the one-named "Twilight" duo that appears to be no longer cohabiting, are not interested in Brandi's opinions. A Twitter fan called "RobSten Unbroken" tweeted back, "You're not happy? WE DON'T CARE. Just stop dealing with Kristen. Leave her alone." Another fan @SamforHalloween also got into the action, defending Kristen with, "Totally diff situation!! Rimes and your ex continued the affair, now married w kid, KS apologised, admits a one-off mistake!" At least, for now, Kristen's fans appear to still love her.

For her part, Brandi shows no signs of shutting up about the matter. The "Housewife" wanted to make it clear that all of her venom was not just directed against the "other woman" in the situation. After all, Kristen is not the one who was married to Liberty. Bran Glan also tweeted, "My last quote of the day on this subject- Home-wreckers come in pairs. #ittakes2." It certainly does take two. The public nature of this affair and apology have left it up for commentary and we're sure that Brandi is just the first of many who will be jumping into the fray.

So what do you think of Brandi's twitter rant? Are LeAnn and Kristen similar or are these two totally different situations? Should Rob forgive Kristen?

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