Brandi Glanville Tweets About Kristen Stewart’s Affair with Rupert Sanders: Other Celebs Talk Cheating

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Unsurprisingly, Brandi Glanville has decided to express her feelings about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders.

Brandi knows all too well the pain that Rupert's wife Liberty Ross must be feeling - in 2009 she found out that her hubby Eddie Cibrian was cheating on her with his "Northern Lights" costar LeAnn Rimes. Just like Liberty and Rupert, Brandi and Eddie have two children together.

Brandi recently weighed in on the K-Stew scandal by tweeting, I'm not happy with this Kristen Stewart bullsh-t. Too close to home. Same story: friends with the wife and kids, and f-ck the husband when we think no one is looking." She then went on to point out, "Home wreckers come in pairs! It takes two!"

LeAnn has tried to explain why she cheated on her own husband Dean Sheremet with Eddie. According to the singer, she and Dean simply got married too young and grew apart. She explained why she responded to their unfulfilled marriage with an affair by saying this: "I didn't have the tools to know how to do it the right way, how to let go the right way. I'd never been taught that." However, LeAnn didn't need any special "tools" -- a little common sense would have done the trick. But at least she tried to explain why she did what she did - Kristen didn't include an explanation for her infidelity in her public apology.

Obviously Brandi has never been afraid to talk about the effect that the affair has had on her life, even admitting that she thought she "was going to kill" LeAnn the first time she saw one of her sons with the country star. Luckily things have cooled down a bit between LeAnn and Brandi lately, and Brandi is apparently having too much fun to worry about LeAnn - she was recently caught having sex in the bathroom of her "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" costar Kyle Richards.

Speaking of Kyle, Kristen would probably be a fan of what she has said about cheating. In her book Life Is Not a Reality Show: Keeping It Real With The Housewife Who Does It All, Kyle wrote, "If you cheat once, don't tell. You get a free pass." She later said that she has friends who cheated once without telling their significant others, and they're still happy after many years together. Unfortunately poor Kristen learned the hard way that Kyle's rule does not apply if cameras are following you around.

And as Kris Jenner's family recently found out, affairs can still cause drama many years after they happen. Late last year Kris told Jay Leno, "When you're very young you do a lot of stupid things, and it's probably the biggest regret of my life that I ended up having an affair." She went on to offer this explanation for why she cheated on Robert Kardashian: "[I was] probably just really naive and stupid and restless and didn't realize that marriage has its ups and downs."

Kris recently upset her family by reuniting with Todd Waterman, the man that came between her and Robert Kardashian. Because Kris cheated before, her daughters worried that her marriage to Bruce Jenner might be in jeopardy, and Kourtney Kardashian even labelled her mother a "whore." The momager tried to explain her reason for visiting Todd by telling Bruce, "I wanted to tell you I appreciate you and that I may have been fantasizing about somebody for the last 23 years that didn't deserve that recognition." Her daughters convinced her to take a lie detector test proving her loyalty to Bruce, and luckily she passed (albeit dubiously).

Woman scorned Eva Longoria reacted much differently than Brandi Glanville when she found out about Tony Parker cheating on her. During an interview on "The Conversation," she said that she let Tony know that she wasn't going to judge him or be angry right away, but that she simply wanted to know why he did what he did. By letting him talk, she says that she discovered that his infidelity "was definitely not about me," and she stated that finding out the truth "didn't make me feel better, but it helped me understand." Because of this, she can now say that her failed three-year marriage hasn't left her carrying any "baggage." Hopefully Liberty Ross can get a similarly satisfying explanation from her husband.

Kristen has also expressed her feelings about cheating in the past. Here's what she said about her "On The Road" character back in May: "She had very different priorities than most people… different limits and different boundaries. To understand that, being a fairly normal girl who would not want my boyfriend cheating on me, it was good to know the woman behind the character."

So what do you think of what these celebs have said about cheating?

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