Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana’s Split: What Keeps On-Set Romances Together?

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Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana’s Split:  What Keeps On-Set Romances Together?

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Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana

Some celebrity co-stars fall in love on the set and make it work for the long haul. Others make headlines for their cutesy PDA and then quickly fizzle into background. In Hollywood, these scenarios are commonplace. That Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper got cozy on the set of comedy "The Vow" wasn't too surprising. We liked that their fling seemed playful and promising; but for some reason we are not completely stunned by the announcement of their split. Those mysterious "sources" close to the pair don't seem to be too shocked about it either. One of Zoe's friends even alluded that the two were never "super serious" anyway. So what causes such adorable pairings to sputter and die?

"It just wasn't working out…"

Apparently, things just "didn't work out" between Cooper and the "Avatar" star. They were only dating for three months, which---in the eyes of many---isn't a terribly long time. Flings come and go. And by many definitions, their three-month romance was perhaps casual enough to be considered one. Things can begin to fall apart when one person's feelings grow much more quickly than the other. Another caveat is that it's often hard to keep things going when couples are then plunged into other projects that will send them to opposite sides of the globe. There are millions of other reasons things just "don't work out" for Hollywood stars.

But sometimes things do work out…

On the other hand, some like Halle Berry and her "Dark Tide" co-star, Olivier Martinez have parlayed their on-set dalliance into something permanent . The "Unfaithful" star even convinced Berry to give marriage one more try. Others in Hollywood like Tori Spelling and LeAnn Rimes have turned their on-set "flings" into new full-fledged families (reality show not included). But in each case, both people were married to others; one could say that they both had just as much to lose. Ironically, this might be one of the factors that actually contributed to their longevity. However, you can hardly compare most on-set romances to these examples.

It's a gamble.

So what criteria must exist for movie co-stars to hold their on-set romances together once the cameras have stopped rolling? More than likely, the same ones required in keeping any relationship intact. Some whisper that Brad ended things. Others speculate that the split was "consensual." As it is also rumored that they started off as good pals, neither seems to be too devastated. The on-set love affair is perhaps one of the most important cogs in the Hollywood machine. News like this isn't the first nor the last. Which stars will show the world how to get it right? We'll have to wait and see...

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