Bradley Cooper Joins the Extra Nipple Club—Sort Of

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Bradley Cooper doesn't really have extra nipples, but other male celebs do

Bradley Cooper recently gave fans quite a shock on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

"The Hangover" hottie revealed that he's shy about taking his shirt off for a very bizarre reason-he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a third nipple! But the actor didn't stop there. Two nipples on a guy might seem pointless enough, but he went on to show off a fourth one on his arm and a fifth one on his leg.

It was later revealed that Bradley Cooper was just pulling a prank, but he shouldn't poke fun at "supernumerary nipples"-lots of hot male celebs have them.

Mark Wahlberg didn't let his third nipple stop him from baring his buff bod as an underwear model, and he opted not to get it removed. He once told Rolling Stone this about his unique body part: "I've come to embrace it. That thing's my prized possession."

The artist formerly known as Marky Mark isn't the only manly movie star who loves his third nipple too much to have it hacked off-Daniel Craig told Vanity Fair that his extra nipple is his most marked characteristic. However, he prizes a different part of his body a little bit more (we won't go there).

The man behind the recent incarnation of James Bond isn't the only Brit with an extra fleshy bit-British boy band singer Harry Styles actually has Mark and Daniel beat with a grand total of four nipples. Taylor Swift's latest famous boyfriend has a theory behind the presence of his extra pokies, which he revealed to The Sun: "I've got 4 nipples. I think I must have been a twin, but then the other one went away and left its nipples behind."

So Taylor Swift has something fun to sing about when she and Harry Styles split: "I fell for his cute dimples/but I didn't know about his extra nipples."

Once upon a time there were also rumors that "High School Musical" actor Zac Efron has four nipples, but his rep denied them. Zac probably wishes he was a part of such an exclusive club-only 1 in 100 men are blessed with extra nipples.

Female celebs have them, too-Lily Allen and Tilda Swinton have to be extra careful to avoid nip slips. Country crooner Carrie Underwood is one of the few stars to admit to having hers removed.

So what do you think of extra nipples on celebs? Are they creepy or do they make fun conversation pieces?

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