Brad Pitt’s Chanel Ad – Other Famous Faces of Chanel

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Brad Pitt’s Chanel Ad – Other Famous Faces of Chanel

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Brad Pitt has become the most recent face of Chanel.

It was inevitable!

Chanel has tapped actor Brad Pitt to be the first-ever male face of its signature No. 5 fragrance. A spokesperson for the French perfume company said, "There is no actor alive that compares with Brad Pitt, whose talent, popularity and looks are legendary, in the same way that no other perfume compares with Chanel No. 5, which was created by Ernest Beaux."

You can check out Brad Pitt's Channel No. 5 ad here.

But long before a goateed Brad Pitt mused "The world turns and we turn with it," a bevy of beauties represented the iconic perfume brand. Remember these past faces of Chanel?

Marilyn Monroe

In the 1950s, Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe wasn't an official spokesperson for Chanel, but she unwittingly gave the brand more than an ad campaign in a 1954 interview. When the blonde bombshell was asked what she wore to bed, she famously answered, "Five drops of Chanel No.5." After Monroe's sultry endorsement, the perfume instantly became a symbol of glamour.

Lauren Hutton

The iconic model with the gap-toothed smile represented Chanel in a late-1960's ad campaign that was shot by famed photographer Richard Avedon. A few years later, she was a modeling superstar, and became the famous face for Revlon. Famed designer Halston once called Lauren Hutton "perhaps the greatest mannequin in history."

Ali MacGraw

On the heels of her "Love Story" fame, actress Ali McGraw appeared in a series of Chanel ads in the early 1970s. But that wasn't her first foray into the world of Chanel. In 1966, the fresh-faced model had us spellbound with her ad for Chanel bath products. The tagline: "This is the spell of Chanel for the bath."

Catherine Deneuve

French actress Catherine Deneuve is one of Chanel's most recognized faces. In the mid-1970s she famously announced, "You don't have to ask for it. He knows what you want. Chanel." In 1974 she told People she didn't always recognize herself in the role photographer Richard Avedon cast her in for the Chanel spots. "The elegant Frenchwoman, reserved and proper, a little serious, a little cold," she said. "I certainly don't consider myself as cold, though. I can see that my face might give that impression. If I am reserved at times, it's because I am shy."

Nicole Kidman

Australian actress Nicole Kidman made history -- and a whole lotta money -- when she starred in TV and print ads for the Chanel brand from 2004 to 2008. According to the New York Daily News, Kidman's three-minute commercial, titled "No. 5 The Film," earned her a cool $3.71 million, making her the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the most money paid per minute to an actor. You can see Nic's super expensive Chanel ad here.

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