Brad Pitt Chanel Ad Debuts: Other Products He Has Endorsed

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Brad Pitt Chanel Ad Debuts: Other Products He Has Endorsed

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Before he met Angie, Brad Pitt endorsed a lot of products!

Chanel No. 5 has added a male spokesman, and it's only fitting that they chose one of the biggest stars in the world. Actor Brad Pitt signed with the company in May, and his first commercial was launched on October 15. The black-and-white ad features Brad reciting poetry to an unknown person, and was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Wright. "No. 5 has always been the most iconic women's fragrance," said the actor upon signing the deal. "That's what I see being the appeal of this campaign; it goes beyond the abstract of emotion or beauty to evoke what is timeless: a woman's spirit." Though Brad isn't known for appearing in a ton of commercials in the United States, he has actually endorsed a number of products. Here is a look at some of Brad's notable celebrity endorsements.


Brad has worked with director David Fincher on a number of projects, including "Fight Club" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Given their close connection, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that the two teamed up for Heineken ad in 2005. The commercial aired during the Super Bowl, and featured the actor being chased by paparazzi as he tries to purchase a six-pack of beer. This remains one of the few domestic ads that the actor has been involved with during his career.

Edwin Jeans

Brad chose a foreign partner to endorse jeans. He previously served as model and spokesman for the Japanese company, and has appeared in several ads that were released in that market. Most of the commercials debuted on the late 1990s, long before Brad found love with Angelina Jolie. The actor showcased many of his different styles during the run, and American fans can view the majority of them thanks to the Internet.


Clothing isn't the only thing that Brad sells in Asian markets. The star has also served as a spokesman for SoftBank, a Japanese company that is involved in everything from finance to telecommunications. He has appeared in many ads for the company, including some in which he plays the assistant to a sumo wrestling champion. Spike Jonze directed the ads, adding to the legacy of notable directors to film Brad for commercials.

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